IQF kiwi, cubes, 2,5 kg
Code: C007131
Barcode: 4779021901738
no image
Frozen broccoli & champignon mix BONDUELLE , 2,5kg
Code: C046229
Barcode: 3083681050097
Snickers Crispy ice cream bar
Code: C046774
Barcode: 5000159526111
Snickers White ice cream bar
Code: C046776
Barcode: 5000159509756
Alaska pollock fish fingers 420gr FINDUS
Code: C056798
Barcode: 3599741003328
no image
Frozen butter 82 % fat, 20 kg
Code: U15531A
Barcode: 5099869710255
no image
Frozen Maties herring, vakuum, 80 g
Code: U260357
Barcode: 4771459068892
no image
Frozen lemon peel, granules, 500 g
Code: U291020
Barcode: 3228170021701
no image
Frozen orange peel, granules, 500 g
Code: U291029
Barcode: 3228170021718
Mini american pancakes, 5kg
Code: U3125AJ
Barcode: 4770500211966
Mini buckwheat pancakes, 5kg
Code: U3125AK
Barcode: 4770500212031
Frozen Tobiko roe, orange, 500 g
Code: U417744
Barcode: 5690864058023
Frozen Tobiko roe, red, 500 g
Code: U417745
Barcode: 5690864058658
Frozen Tobiko roe, black, 500 g
Code: U417746
Barcode: 5690864058696
Frozen Sea Cucumber slices, 160 g
Code: U417747
Barcode: 5690864000732
Frozen Crab meat combo, 20/80, 400g
Code: U417748
Barcode: 5690864000541
Marinated cod roe paste, Mentaiko, frozen, 500 g
Code: U417749
Barcode: 5630864000688
Wok with chicken thigh and egg noodles, 250g
Code: U419271
Barcode: 4751001392668
Chicken cutlets with cheese sauce and pasta,350g
Code: U419272
Barcode: 4751001392644
Lasagne with beef, pork and spinach, 350g
Code: U419275
Barcode: 4751001392828
Wok with seafood mix and egg noodles,250g
Code: U419277
Barcode: 4751001392514
Italian icecream G7 Mango gelato, 4750  ml
Code: U4329PM
Barcode: 8006922083000
Italian icecream G7 Cocco, 4750  ml
Code: U4329R2
Barcode: 8006922082607
Italian icecream G7 Stracciatella, 4750  ml
Code: U4329R3
Barcode: 8006922082881
Italian icecream G7 Nocciola, 4750  ml
Code: U4329R4
Barcode: 8006922082799
Italian icecream G7 AFFOGATO AL CAFFE', 4750  ml
Code: U4329R5
Barcode: 8006922082515
Creamy Green Curry Chicken with Noodles , 320g
Code: U436486
Barcode: 8858984830951
Creamy Tom Yum Chicken with Noodles , 320g
Code: U436487
Barcode: 8858984832146
Chicken Tikka Masala with Jasmine Rice  , 350g
Code: U436488
Barcode: 8855702006827
Bun with cherry filling DAUPHINE, frozen, 45 g
Code: U442336
Barcode: 5900868005344
Bun with apple filling DAUPHINE, frozen, 45 g
Code: U442338
Barcode: 5900868005351