Frozen roasted eel, ~400g (14oz)
Code: U6281CF
Barcode: 23168195
no image
Frozen vegan fish sticks GREEN LEGEND, 300g
Code: U6565P0
Barcode: 4045992027044
Frozen pike perch fillet, skin on, 10%,  120-170 g
Code: U9JA1S6
Barcode: 4771459695333
Frozen pike perch fillet, skin on, 10%,  300-500   g
Code: U9JA2S4
Barcode: 4771459695357
Frozen pike perch fillet, skin on, 10%,  500-800    g
Code: U9JA2SA
Barcode: 4771459695364
no image
Frozen nile tilapia fillet FJORD'S, skinless, 560g
Code: U9JA5S3
Barcode: 4771459049327
Cold smoked salmon fillet pieces 1kg (frozen)
Code: V260N30
Barcode: 4740689000422
no image
Seafood Mix, 5 ingredients,1kg
Code: V3145UW
Barcode: 8411530650825
no image
Frozen salmon scraps, ~1kg
Code: V508FAK
Barcode: 23451960
no image
Frozen saithe fillets w/o skin 145-225, 9 kg,
Code: V518Z4E
Barcode: 4771459697375
Frozen fish balls, 100 g
Code: V519NEL
Barcode: 4779033974652
Frozen Atlantic salmon fillets, ~150 g
Code: V52D22Y
Barcode: 2323030
no image
Frozen marlin loin,2-5 kg,  20%, glaze, kg
Code: V52S304
Barcode: 23002369
Frozen Wakame salad FJORD'S with sesame seeds 300g
Code: V9M811V
Barcode: 4771459694756
Frozen Wakame salad FJORD'S with sesame seeds, 1kg
Code: V9M814V
Barcode: 4771459694749
Frozen cooked snow crab sections, 220-280, 4,54kg
Code: V9Z122Z
Barcode: 4771459697498
Frozen whole scallop, 3/5,  not clead,~500g
Code: V9Z140A
Barcode: 23023022
Frozen half shell pacific scallop, 8/12,1 kg
Code: V9Z160Z
Barcode: 8414973016814
Frozen pacific stock buttons, raw, 1 kg
Code: V9Z180Z
Barcode: 8414973021641
Code: V9Z190A
Barcode: 8436545911662
FROZEN GIANT SQUID RINGS, 3/8, 30% glaze 1kg
Code: V9Z190Z
Barcode: 8414973020590
Code: V9Z200Z
Barcode: 8414973013110
Frozen cockfish, cooked, 400-600g
Code: V9Z210Z
Barcode: 2528949
Frozen raw salmon burger, 100 g
Code: V9Z420C
Barcode: 4771459696842
no image
Sea bream head on, 300-400, 10%, 1 kg
Code: U5122E9
Barcode: 4007456164078