Frozen whole scallop, 3/5, 10kg
Code: V9Z140Z
Barcode: 8414973007478
Frozen half shell pacific scallop, 8/12,1 kg
Code: V9Z160Z
Barcode: 8414973016814
Code: V9Z170Z
Barcode: 8414973020750
Frozen pacific stock buttons, raw, 1 kg
Code: V9Z180Z
Barcode: 8414973021641
FROZEN GIANT SQUID RINGS, 3/8, 30% glaze 1kg
Code: V9Z190Z
Barcode: 8414973020590
Code: V9Z200Z
Barcode: 8414973013110
Frozen cockfish, cooked, 400-600g
Code: V9Z210Z
Barcode: 2528949
no image
Mussels meat, FJORDS, 200/300, 450g
Code: U5122FY
Barcode: 4771459068687
no image
Potato shrimps, 25g x 10vnt., 250g
Code: U5122HF
Barcode: 8717853672033
Battered Formed Squid Rings, 1 kg
Code: U51A80A
Barcode: 8432145003639
no image
Mussels meat, FJORDS, 300/500, 450g
Code: U5122FZ
Barcode: 4771459068694
no image
Shrimp and crab springroll, 25g x 20vnt, 500g
Code: U5122HH
Barcode: 8717853675591
Battered squidring, pre-fried, iqf, 500 g
Code: U51A64C
Barcode: 8432145003844
Squid strips FJORD'S, in breadcrumbs, frozen, 500g
Code: U52S28C
Barcode: 4771459077757
Scampi Fritti Battered shrimps, 1 kg
Code: U51A74L
Barcode: 5702008130417
Frozen  green masago, 500 g
Code: U51A761
Barcode: 4932395001392
no image
Sea scallops meat without roe, 10-20,20%,1 kg
Code: U51A716
Barcode: 7787413674
Shrimp, tempura FJORD'S, frozen, with tail, 500g
Code: U52S293
Barcode: 4771459077740
no image
Mussels meat, 200/300, 1 kg
Code: U51A74B
Barcode: 4771459074435
Snails (helix) with garlic butter, 12 pcs., 85 g
Code: U51A76V
Barcode: 7021450001358
no image
Clam, whole, cooked, iqf, vacuum, 70/90, 1 kg
Code: U51A74P
Barcode: 5702008235013
no image
Mussel meat 300/500, 1 kg
Code: U51A75V
Barcode: 4771459074459
Frozen masago caviar FJORDS, orange, 500 g
Code: U417740
Barcode: 2569086400089
Frozen masago caviar FJORDS, green, 500 g
Code: U417741
Barcode: 5690864000459
Frozen masago caviar FJORDS, red, 500 g
Code: U417742
Barcode: 5690864000435
no image
Frozen octopus, cooked, 550/800g
Code: U518401
Barcode: 23026559
no image
Frozen octopus, cooked, 1,2-1,5kg
Code: U518402
Barcode: 23026560
no image
Frozen octopus legs, cooked, 300g
Code: U518405
Barcode: 8436560590262