Frozen pizza FAMILY, with chicken, 1kg
Code: U9H12X3
Barcode: 5902162002296
no image
Lithuanian potato sausage, cooked, frozen, 5kg
Code: V50148E
Barcode: 4770156193647
no image
Potato pudding, baked, frozen, 4,8kg, 16 x 300g
Code: V50148F
Barcode: 4770156193623
Cheburek stuffed with meat, 7vnt, 1kg
Code: V5014P2
Barcode: 4770274482821
no image
Frozen pancakes VIČI, with meat filling, 70x70g
Code: V5014P7
Barcode: 4740056202756
Frozen pancakes VIČI, with curd filling, 70x70g
Code: V5014P8
Barcode: 4740056202763
no image
Frozen KĖDAINIŲ pancakes with meat, 1 kg
Code: V5014S0
Barcode: 4770274487239
Frozen Pancakes with ham and cheese 60x80g
Code: V50161E
Barcode: 4770090197794
Dumplings with chicken & black fungus GYOZA, 400 g
Code: V501V1L
Barcode: 4770190092951
no image
Home-made pancakes with curd,  26 x 140 g, 3,64 kg
Code: V501Y3N
Barcode: 4770556192622
no image
Pancakes, with meat, 26 x 130 g, 3.38 kg
Code: V501Y3S
Barcode: 4770556192639
Mini dumplings with meat SUPER, 700 g
Code: V50E1A1
Barcode: 4770511211207
Frozen kids curd dumpling, 60 g (60g x 100vnt )
Code: V513A1G
Barcode: 4770556192790
Frozen children's cottage cheese Tinginukas, 5kg
Code: V513A1N
Barcode: 4770556192455
no image
Frozen pancakes HOME-MADE, (65g x 80pcs), 5 kg
Code: V513A2O
Barcode: 4607018278443
no image
Vegetable pizza NATURLI Mexicana, 350g
Code: V519AHU
Barcode: 5701977000530
no image
Vegetable pizza NATURLI Capricciosa, 350g
Code: V519AHV
Barcode: 5701977000547
Frozen pizza LA MIA GRANDE 4 Formaggi, 400 g
Code: V519AS1
Barcode: 4001724031109
Frozen pizza LA MIA GRANDE Salame Piccante, 380g
Code: V519AS3
Barcode: 4001724031079
Frozen pizza FELICIANA Prosciutto e Pesto, 360 g
Code: V519AS4
Barcode: 5900437007113