Wok with chicken thigh and egg noodles, 250g
Code: U419271
Barcode: 4751001392668
Chicken cutlets with cheese sauce and pasta,350g
Code: U419272
Barcode: 4751001392644
Lasagne with beef, pork and spinach, 350g
Code: U419275
Barcode: 4751001392828
Wok with seafood mix and egg noodles,250g
Code: U419277
Barcode: 4751001392514
Creamy Green Curry Chicken with Noodles , 320g
Code: U436486
Barcode: 8858984830951
Creamy Tom Yum Chicken with Noodles , 320g
Code: U436487
Barcode: 8858984832146
Chicken Tikka Masala with Jasmine Rice  , 350g
Code: U436488
Barcode: 8855702006827
Cheese pops FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U50534C
Barcode: 8710679013554
Frozen cheese nuggy's FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U50534L
Barcode: 8710679013523
Frozen spicy cheese pots CATER QUALITY, 1 kg
Code: U50633W
Barcode: 5705518769504
Mexican snack of frozen vegetables Tex Mex, 1 kg
Code: U50633X
Barcode: 5705518769207
Frozen cheese snack Mac & Cheese, 1 kg
Code: U50633Y
Barcode: 5705518769214
Frozen Cheder cheese snack Lava Bites, 1 kg
Code: U50633Z
Barcode: 5705518769252
Frozen cheese snack Paprinos, 1 kg
Code: U50634C
Barcode: 5705518769276
Frozen mozarella sticks CATER QUALITY, 1 kg
Code: U50634L
Barcode: 5705518769528
Frozen nachos cheese bites GOOD KITCHEN, 450 g
Code: U50634W
Barcode: 8710697340977
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE falafel, 1kg
Code: U51HH3A
Barcode: 3083681107241
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE spinach snack, 1kg
Code: U51HH3B
Barcode: 3083681107180
no image
Frozen BONDUELLE rice snack, 1kg
Code: U51HH3C
Barcode: 3083681107210
Frozen cod pieces, tempura, 6 kg
Code: U52S291
Barcode: 4771459077498
Frozen cheese snack FINGIES , Gouda Bites 250 g
Code: X412214
Barcode: 5705518770579
Cheddar Bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B1
Barcode: 8710679148041
Mozzarella Sticks FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B3
Barcode: 8710679147884
Camembert Bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B4
Barcode: 8710679147921
Brie bites FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U5052B6
Barcode: 8710679147846
Frozen onion rings in beer dough, FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U505338
Barcode: 8710679008055
Frozen onion rings in dough FARM FRITES, 1 kg
Code: U505333
Barcode: 8710679007980
Cream Cheese Jalapeno Bites, 1 kg
Code: U5052B7
Barcode: 8710679134648
Rice with chicken and Panang Curry, 350 g
Code: U436481
Barcode: 8858984830326
Rice with chicken and Massaman Curry, 350g
Code: U436482
Barcode: 8855702001778
Rice with sweet and sour chicken, 350g
Code: U436483
Barcode: 8855702006834
Cheddar cheese snack with jelly FINGIES, 250 g
Code: U50633M
Barcode: 5705518770470
Mozzarella cheese snack FINGIES, 250 g
Code: U50633N
Barcode: 5705518770531
Spicy cheese nuggets FINGIES, 250 g
Code: U50633P
Barcode: 5705518770500