Poultry soup GALLINA BLANCA,with vermicelli, 76 g
Code: U41115F
Barcode: 8410300101345
Chicken soup GALLINA BLANCA, with vermicelli, 71 g
Code: U41115G
Barcode: 8410300101598
no image
Chickpeas RISTORIS, 2,5 kg / 1,5kg
Code: U411313
Barcode: 8056515240860
no image
Crushed tomatoes RISTORIS, 2x5kg
Code: U411321
Barcode: 8056515240211
Olives in Taggiasche oil RISTORIS, pitted, 900 g
Code: U411322
Barcode: 8056515241683
Large olives RISTORIS, Nocellara, pitted, 1.65 kg
Code: U411326
Barcode: 8056515245872
Canned figs RISTORIS, "Baby", 420g/210g
Code: U411329
Barcode: 8056515245933
Pumpkin sauce RISTORIS, 400g
Code: U41132A
Barcode: 8056515242550
Nduja paste RISTORIS, 260g
Code: U41132C
Barcode: 8056515243649
Mushroom and white truffle sauce RISTORIS, 510g
Code: U41132E
Barcode: 8056515242451
White truffle sauce RISTORIS, 500g
Code: U41132F
Barcode: 8056515244189
no image
Ketchup HEINZ, 1,35kg
Code: U41198A
Barcode: 8715700015026
no image
Ketchup HEINZ, 300 ml / 342 g
Code: U412810
Barcode: 50457137
Seasoning Crystals with Tomato, 110g
Code: U43171G
Barcode: 5200110731305
Seasoning Crystals with "Basil Pesto", 75g
Code: U43171R
Barcode: 5200110731350
Seasoning Crystals with Black Olives,100g
Code: U43171S
Barcode: 5200110731374
Seasoning Crystals with Cherry, 140g
Code: U43171T
Barcode: 5200110731312
Seasoning Crystals with passion fruit, 140g
Code: U43171V
Barcode: 5200110731336
Seasoning Crystals with truffle, 120g
Code: U43171Y
Barcode: 5200110731381
Seasoning Crystals with Porcini Mushrooms,60g
Code: U43171Z
Barcode: 5200110731367
Gourmante Traditional Italian Palesi, 150g
Code: U431723
Barcode: 5200110731619
no image
Corn for popping SUNTAT, 1 Kg
Code: U432H4A
Barcode: 8690804001918
no image
Extra virgin olive oil BACCA VERDE, 500 ml
Code: U43371E
Barcode: 4771459694398
Sea salt, 1 kg
Code: U44517V
Barcode: 4870007640112
Quiche feuill PIDY, 48 pcs.
Code: U44AE2G
Barcode: 272595869
Macarons Salé Spicy/curry 3.5cm, 460g
Code: U44AE4P
Barcode: 3528960008258
Baskets PIDY, DUOBELLES, 84 pcs
Code: U44AE4W
Barcode: 20176002462
Baskets MINI SAVARINS, 3.5cm, 300pcs, 1.26kg
Code: U44AE4X
Barcode: 3528960019674