Strawberries, freeze-dried, 30g
Code: V33231G
Barcode: 4779042357293
Freeze dried Raspberries pieces, 30 grams
Code: V33231V
Barcode: 4779042357286
Strawberry pieces, lyophilized, 30g
Code: V33231W
Barcode: 4779042357309
Cherries, freeze-dried, 30g
Code: V33231X
Barcode: 4779042357316
Raspberries, freeze-dried, 30g
Code: V33231Z
Barcode: 4779042357279
Spirulina powder, dried, 500g
Code: V332320
Barcode: 4779042357354
Spinach powder, freeze-dried, 500g
Code: V33232Z
Barcode: 4779042357347
Sun-dried tomatoes in oil 4,1 kg / 2,5 kg HELCOM
Code: V36112M
Barcode: 5908258308846
Roasted bread KAZIUKO, 1,2 kg
Code: V36182A
Barcode: 4770763191159
Roasted bread KAZIUKO, 1 kg
Code: V36182C
Barcode: 4770763191104
Toasted KAZIUKAS bread, light, cubed, 7kg
Code: V36182D
Barcode: 4770763191111
Roasted bread Kaziuko, sliced, in a jar, 600 g
Code: V36182H
Barcode: 4770763191173
Mixture of dried berries and nuts, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400N
Barcode: 4771249824745
Dried berries mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400P
Barcode: 4771249824738
no image
Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds SĖKMĖS, 50 g
Code: V36404K
Barcode: 4771249811172
Dried dill, 500g
Code: V3641EY
Barcode: 4771459697757
Potato chips TAFFEL s.cream & onion chips, 130 g
Code: V36U111
Barcode: 4750024002189
Potato chips TAFFEL Cheese chips, 130 g
Code: V36U114
Barcode: 4750024002196
Potato chips TAFFEL mushroom sauce, 130 g
Code: V36U116
Barcode: 4750024002097
Soft akes MILKA Choco Brookie Pocket, 6 pcs., 132 g
Code: V36U2WK
Barcode: 7622201513764
Chips ESTRELLA spicy tomatoes, 180 g
Code: V36U2ZX
Barcode: 4779028346440
Micropopcorn ESTRELLA, with salt, 3*90g
Code: V36U300
Barcode: 4779028346549
Micropopcorn ESTRELLA, butter flavour, 3*90g
Code: V36U310
Barcode: 4779028346556
Corn chips, DORITOS, BBQ flavour, 100 g
Code: V36U36U
Barcode: 5900259106667
Potato chips LAY`s Stix, 130g
Code: V36U3E2
Barcode: 5900259128515
Sour cream and musrooms potato chips LAY'S 130g
Code: V36U3E3
Barcode: 5900259130716
Potato chips, LAY'S, Fromage, 130g
Code: V36U3E4
Barcode: 5900259128409
Potato chips LAY'S, green onion taste, 130g
Code: V36U3E5
Barcode: 5900259128898
Potato chips LAY'S, Tomato taste, 130g
Code: V36U3E6
Barcode: 5900259130723
Potato chips LAY"S, BBQ Ribs, 130 g
Code: V36U3E7
Barcode: 5900259130686
Potato chips, LAY'S, Chilli and Lime taste 130g.
Code: V36U3E8
Barcode: 5900259127778
Potato chips LAY"S, BBQ Ribs, 140 g
Code: V36U3EL
Barcode: 5900259106223
Potato chips LAY'S Oven Baked with salt, 125 g
Code: V36U3EM
Barcode: 5900259099723
Potato chips LAY'S Oven Baked with salt, 110g
Code: V36U3EX
Barcode: 5900259128652