Chocolate REESE'S Peanut Butter 2 Cups, 42 g
Code: C058801
Barcode: 469790874
Chocolate Snickers 51g QR
Code: M0111AE
Barcode: 5000159461122
Chocolate bar TWIX, 10x50g
Code: V43616F
Barcode: 5000159382786
Bar HERSHEY'S Cookies N Creme, 43 g
Code: V12C317
Barcode: 14488
Bar REESE'S Big Cup, 39 g
Code: C048457
Barcode: 924871
Bar REESe's Nutrageous, 47 g
Code: V23393C
Barcode: 58720801
Food additive HEMATOGENAS, 50 g
Code: V281717
Barcode: 4770407302019
Bounty single chocolate bar
Code: M0111CQ
Barcode: 4011100038653
Waffle bar KIT KAT, 41.5 g
Code: V28662Z
Barcode: 40052489
Waffer bar LION 2 pack, 60 g
Code: V28661E
Barcode: 7613287756633
Chocolate KINDER, 4 pcs.
Code: V281354
Barcode: 80177609
Chocolate bars SNICKERS, 10x50g
Code: X406253
Barcode: 5000159382731
Chocolate bar SNICKERS 2Pack, 2 x 37,5 g
Code: M03161C
Barcode: 5900951027307
Chocolate 3BIT, 46 g
Code: V28748E
Barcode: 7622210416100
Chocolate bar 3BIT, with nuts, 46 g
Code: V28748G
Barcode: 7622201692513
Chocolate Bounty 57g
Code: M0122
Barcode: 40111216
Chocolate bar DAIM 4 x 28 g
Code: U284110
Barcode: 7310510002498
Chocolate bar DAIM DOUBLE, 56 g
Code: U43291A
Barcode: 7310511257507
Chocolate bar DAIM SINGLE, 28 g
Code: U284112
Barcode: 7622300335533
Chocolate bar GEISHA, 37g
Code: X216391
Barcode: 6411401019029
Chocolate bar KIT KAT Chunky, 40 g
Code: U96EA10
Barcode: 3800020423578
Chocolate bar LION Chocolate, 42 g
Code: V286619
Barcode: 7613287910561
Chocolate bar LION White, 42 g
Code: V286618
Barcode: 7613287948960
Chocolate bar MANIJA, with hazelnut, 49 g
Code: V28745M
Barcode: 7622210334312
Chocolate bar MANIJA, with peanuts,49 g
Code: V28745P
Barcode: 7622210334374
Chocolate bar MARS 2 PACK, 70 g
Code: M40149F
Barcode: 5000159502955
Chocolate MARS, 51 g
Code: M0A1073
Barcode: 5000159407236
Milk chocolate MILKA Oreo, 37 g
Code: V36U1WK
Barcode: 7622210717238
Chocolate MILKY WAY, 21,5 g
Code: V43615Y
Barcode: 5900951025808
Sweets NOMEDA Original, 44 g
Code: V28C01E
Barcode: 4770179111888
Chocolate bar PUPA, 30 g
Code: V28C017
Barcode: 4770179104712
Chocolate Snickers 51g
Code: M0111A4
Barcode: 5000159461122
Chocolate bar TUPLA Maxi, 50 g
Code: V21C310
Barcode: 6420256014134
Chocolate bar TWIX White, 46 g
Code: M01691A
Barcode: 5000159486972
Chocolate TWIX Xtra, 75 g
Code: M031823
Barcode: 5900951028502
Chocolate Twix 50g
Code: M036613
Barcode: 5000159459228
BOUNTY 4pack, 228g
Code: M012116
Barcode: 5000159454452
Chocolate bars set SNICKERS Bonus Pack, 4 x 50  g
Code: M0111C5
Barcode: 5000159384209
Chocolate bars set TWIX Bonus Pack 4 x 50 g
Code: M016918
Barcode: 5000159384476