Snack PRINGLES Barbeque, 165 g
Code: P11C18A
Barcode: 5053990161966
Code: P11C18B
Barcode: 5053990161690
Snack PRINGLES Paprika, 70 g
Code: P11C18D
Barcode: 5053990161638
Snack PRINGLES Paprika Gaming, 165 g
Code: P11C19B
Barcode: 5053990161669
Snack  PRINGLES Hot & Spicy, RAL 165 g
Code: P11C202
Barcode: 5053990101542
Snack  PRINGLES Sour Cream & Onion, Gaming 165 g
Code: P11C203
Barcode: 5053990101597
Snack PRINGLES Original Gaming, 165g
Code: P11C204
Barcode: 5053990101573
Snack  PRINGLES Kicking Sour Cream, 160g
Code: P11CG11
Barcode: 5053990160037
Snack  PRINGLES Spicy Barbecue, 160g
Code: P11CG12
Barcode: 5053990160075
Snack PRINGLES Prawn Coctail, 165g
Code: P11D600
Barcode: 5053990158034
Snack PRINGLES Spring Onion, 165g
Code: P11D601
Barcode: 5053990144327
Snack PRINGLES Sour Cream&Onion RAL, 165g
Code: P11D66Q
Barcode: 5053990101597
Snack PRINGLES Texas BBQ Sauce, 70 g
Code: P11D67D
Barcode: 5053990163892
Grilled tortilla FUNTASTIC, 4pcs. x 25 cm, 250 g
Code: U1223C1
Barcode: 5906425171194
Tortilla TURKA, wheat, 25 cm, 18 pcs, 0,9kg
Code: U1223CJ
Barcode: 5902808787365
Tortilla TURKA, wheat, 30 cm, 8 pcs 0,64kg
Code: U1223CK
Barcode: 5902808781097
Tortilla TURKA, wheat, 30 cm, 18 pcs 1,44kg
Code: U1223CL
Barcode: 5902808787341
Tortilla TURKA, whole grain, 30 cm, 18 pcs 1,62kg
Code: U1223CM
Barcode: 5902808781011
Vegan quinoa chips FREE YU, with tomatoes, 70 g
Code: U1445L0
Barcode: 5901885581583
Vegan quinoa chips FREE YU, with sea salt, 70 g
Code: U1445L1
Barcode: 5901885581606
Vegan quinoa chips FREE YU, with herbs, 70 g
Code: U1445L2
Barcode: 5901885581620
Vegan lentil chips FREE YU, with onions, 70 g
Code: U1445L3
Barcode: 5901888018697
Vegan lentil chips FREE YU, wasabi flavor, 70 g
Code: U1445L4
Barcode: 5901888018673
Lentil chips FREE YU, cheddar flavor, 70 g
Code: U1445L5
Barcode: 5901888018710
Salty sticks BALVITEN GLUTEN FREE, 80 g
Code: U9CC5SK
Barcode: 5907653100925
Tortilla chips MISTER FREE'D with chia seeds, 135 g
Code: U9D4988
Barcode: 5060367450332
Tortilla chips MISTER FREE'D Blue Maze, 135 g
Code: U9D498A
Barcode: 5060367450356
Tortilla chips MISTER FREE'D BBQ flavor, 135 g
Code: U9D498C
Barcode: 5060367450943
Fried corn BOY BAWANG, butter flavor, 100 g
Code: U9JA4A6
Barcode: 4809011681446
Fried corn BOY BAWANG, chilli cheese flavor, 100 g
Code: U9JA4A7
Barcode: 4809011681392
Fried corn BOY BAWANG, garlic flavor, 100 g
Code: U9JA4A8
Barcode: 4809011681378
Fried corn BOY BAWANG, lechon manok, 100 g
Code: U9JA4A9
Barcode: 4800631681311
Vegetable chips CHAZZ with sea salt, 75g
Code: V139510
Barcode: 4779047980113
Vegetable chips CHAZZ with cheese, 75 g
Code: V139516
Barcode: 4779047980632
Potato chips CHAZZ Cepelinai flavour, 90 g
Code: V13951E
Barcode: 4779047980908