Vegetable chips CHAZZ with sea salt, 75g
Code: V139510
Barcode: 4779047980113
Vegetable chips CHAZZ with cheese, 75 g
Code: V139516
Barcode: 4779047980632
Potato chips CHAZZ Pink soup flavour, 90 g
Code: V13951C
Barcode: 4779047980892
Potato chips CHAZZ Cepelinai flavour, 90 g
Code: V13951E
Barcode: 4779047980908
Vegetable chips CHAZZ pickled cucumber flavor, 75g
Code: V139521
Barcode: 4779047980403
Potato chips CHAZZ with carrot pizza flavour, 90 g
Code: V139511
Barcode: 4779047980137