Cashew cream NUTEGO, 100 %,  250g
Code: U23C69A
Barcode: 4751021010580
Cacao hazelnut cream KIDDY, 400 g
Code: V23C66C
Barcode: 4002309011363
Mix Fix cocoa cream with nuts without palm oil 380g
Code: V286633
Barcode: 4002309012674
Cream KIDDY Duo, cocoa, hazelnuts, 350 g.
Code: V9A20CR
Barcode: 4002309009100
Cream KIDDY, raspberry flavor, 350 g
Code: V9A20CP
Barcode: 4771632314006
Creamy peanut butter REESE'S, 510 g
Code: U36332E
Barcode: 5907222904305
no image
Almond cream NUTEGO, 100 %, 250 g
Code: U23C689
Barcode: 4751021010573
Chocolate spread cream BOUNTY, 200 g
Code: U99L12L
Barcode: 5060122039383
Spread cream M&M's, cripsy, 200 g
Code: U99L12N
Barcode: 5060402905346
Chocolate spread cream MALTESER, 200 g
Code: U99L12J
Barcode: 5060122039321
Spread cream MARS, 200 g
Code: U99L12P
Barcode: 683803705
Chocolate spread cream MILKY WAY, 200 g
Code: U99L12M
Barcode: 5060402905285
Chocolate nuts cream NUTELLA, 350 g
Code: V9T167E
Barcode: 80177173
Chocolate-nut cream NUTELLA, 600g
Code: V23C818
Barcode: 8000500179864
Chocolate spread cream TWIX, 200 g
Code: U99L12K
Barcode: 5060402901928
Chocolate cream MILKA Hazelnut, 350g
Code: V36U2WD
Barcode: 7622201495572
Peanutbutter ESTRELLA 100%, 350 g
Code: V36U7Q1
Barcode: 4779028346396
Peanut butter ESTRELLA, 340 g
Code: V36U7Q2
Barcode: 4779028346778
Peanut Cream ESTRELLA, 350  g
Code: V281232
Barcode: 4779028344972
Peanut butter ESTRELLA, with pieces of nuts, 340 g
Code: V36U7Q3
Barcode: 4779028346792
Peanut cream ESTRELLA, with peanuts pieces, 350  g
Code: V281233
Barcode: 4779028344989
no image
Peanut cream  NUTEGO, 0,9 kg
Code: U23C687
Barcode: 4751021010245
no image
Peanut cream NUTEGO, 100%, 350 g
Code: U23C69F
Barcode: 4751021010733
no image
Peanut cream NUTEGO, 100%, crunchy, 350 g
Code: U23C686
Barcode: 4751021010146
no image
Peanut cream NUTEGO, 250 g
Code: U23C683
Barcode: 4751021010542
no image
Peanut cream NUTEGO, with pieces of  nuts, 0,9 kg.
Code: U23C682
Barcode: 4751021010122
no image
Peanut cream NUTEGO, with chocolate, 250 g
Code: U23C685
Barcode: 4751021010092
no image
Peanut cream, crunchy NUTEGO, 250 g
Code: U23C684
Barcode: 4751021010566