Bruschette LAURIERI, with pesto, 150 g
Code: U44AE3Y
Barcode: 8015565030906
Bruschette LAURIERI, with oregano, 150 g
Code: U44AE3Z
Barcode: 8015565030890
Bruschette LAURIERI, with garlic, 150 g
Code: U44AE4A
Barcode: 8015565030883
Bread FRATELLI COMINO Mini, rosenary, 150g
Code: U44AE22
Barcode: 8033717200137
Bread FRATELLI COMINO, natural, 120g
Code: U44AE1Y
Barcode: 8033717200014
Bread FRATELLI COMINO, salt and pepper, 120g
Code: U44AE20
Barcode: 8033717200069
Bread FRATELLI COMINO, rosemary, 120g
Code: U44AE1Z
Barcode: 8033717200045
Breadcrumbs LAURIERI, sea salt, 175 g
Code: U44AE3W
Barcode: 8015565030241
Breadcrumbs LAURIERI, with garlic, 175 g
Code: U44AE3X
Barcode: 8015565030234
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Mini Rubata, pizza, 120g
Code: U44AE1X
Barcode: 8033717200687
Bread sticks GRIS D'OR, with olive oil, 100g
Code: V445178
Barcode: 8002333010154
Bread sticks GRIS D'OR, with black olives, 100 g
Code: V445177
Barcode: 8002333010161
Bread sticks GRISSINI natural, 125 g
Code: V445171
Barcode: 8002333009165
GRISSINI bread sticks, pizza flavor, 125 g
Code: V445172
Barcode: 8002333007468
no image
Breadsticks MARIO, with chia seeds, 70 g
Code: U9JA5V4
Barcode: 4750163001753
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, original, 120 g
Code: U44AE1T
Barcode: 8033717200779
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, black olive, 120 g
Code: U44AE1R
Barcode: 8033717200724
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, rosemary, 120 g
Code: U44AE1P
Barcode: 8033717200748
Grissini FRATELLI COMINO Rubata, truffle, 120 g
Code: U44AE1S
Barcode: 8033717200762
Bread sticks grissini LAURIERI, with sesame, 125 g
Code: U44AE3T
Barcode: 8015565035154
Bread sticks with sesame seeds, 125 g
Code: V44E456
Barcode: 4770078193220
Bread sticks with onion, 125 g
Code: V44E453
Barcode: 4770078193237
Bread crisps BON CHANCE, with saliami, 120 g
Code: V36VH13
Barcode: 4770350141499
Bread crisps BON CHANCE, with garlic, 120 g
Code: V36VH11
Barcode: 4770350141475
Bread Crisps CHIKI CHIPS with garlic, 90 g
Code: V36UC4U
Barcode: 4771173209892
no image
Crisp bread FINN CRISP Multigrain, 175 g
Code: V44515A
Barcode: 6410500091868
no image
FINN CRISP Original Taste, 200 g
Code: V445151
Barcode: 6410500090014
Thin crispbread FINN CRISP, Hi-Fiber, 200 g
Code: V9T167F
Barcode: 6410500098393
Bread chips OLIVE BAKES, chilli flavor, 80 g
Code: U431718
Barcode: 5200135040147
Bread chhips OLIVE BAKES, smoked bacon, 80 g
Code: U43171F
Barcode: 5200135040154
Sour cream with herbs taste breadcrumbs FLINT, 35 g
Code: V361521
Barcode: 4820182742880
Smoked pork flavored breadcrumbs FLINT, 35 g
Code: V361523
Barcode: 4820182742897
Crackers with cheese FLINT, 35 g
Code: V361524
Barcode: 4820182742989
Eclairs PIDY, 13 cm, 140 vnt. 860.50.140
Code: U44AE4L
Barcode: 272589188
no image
Buckwheat crackers with iodinated, 80  g
Code: V37222A
Barcode: 4770140195299
no image
Wheat bread scones DUONIUKAI, 80 g
Code: V21P181
Barcode: 4770049099001