Breakfast cereals OHO Cookie pillows 375 g
Code: V36U49B
Barcode: 4770149214472
KELLOGG'S Crunchy and Nut,  375g
Code: K0151A3
Barcode: 5053827185356
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Cocoa flakes NESTLE Nesquik, 250 g
Code: U36331S
Barcode: 5900020000576
Breakfast cereals OHO, cacao, 150 g
Code: V36U4TT
Barcode: 4770149206149
Breakfast cereal Cookie rings "Oho!" , 425 g
Code: V38UA31
Barcode: 4770149213468
Breakfast cereals TRYS DRAUGAI, 175 g
Code: V36U4K2
Barcode: 4770149203414
Breakfast cereals HAPPY RINGS, 175 g
Code: V36U4T2
Barcode: 4770149203742
Breakfast cereals CHOCA, 175 g
Code: V36U4L1
Barcode: 4770149204046
Chocolate rice OHO, 150 g
Code: V36U492
Barcode: 4770149202288
Honey wheat OHO, 500 g
Code: V36U495
Barcode: 4770149202431
Caramel wheat OHO, 150 g
Code: V36U49A
Barcode: 4770149201885
Breakfast cereals OHO flakes with cinamon, 150 g
Code: V36U4A1
Barcode: 4770149204367
Cornflakes, 500 g
Code: V36U4V0
Barcode: 8594001560448
Corn flakes BONA VITA, 1 kg
Code: V5391A4
Barcode: 8595564519119
Cereals KELLOGG'S Corn Flakes 250g
Code: K015131
Barcode: 5053827111188