Hummus KEDAINIU with sundried tomatoes, 280g
Code: V26M6A3
Barcode: 4770583226253
Pickled cucumber spread Relish, KĖDAINIŲ, 280g
Code: V330G31
Barcode: 4770583227397
Spread KEDAINIU Champinion, with corn, 280g
Code: V3301AF
Barcode: 4770583221968
no image
Spread KEDAINIU with avocado guacamole, 280g
Code: V17161Q
Barcode: 4770583221975
no image
Spread KEDAINIU cheese dip, 280g
Code: V26M6A6
Barcode: 4770583226284
Spread KEDAINIU black beans, 280g
Code: V26M6A5
Barcode: 4770583226277
Spread KEDAINIU with eggplant, 280g
Code: V26M6A2
Barcode: 4770583226239
no image
Salmon for sandwiches piquant KEDAINIU, 280g
Code: V17327Q
Barcode: 4770583209072
no image
Salmon for sandwiches special KEDAINIU 280g
Code: V17326Q
Barcode: 4770583215790
Spread KEDAINIU mashed tomatoes, 280g
Code: V26M6A1
Barcode: 4770583226222
no image
Spread SKANOVE with dried boletus, 190g
Code: V923J06
Barcode: 4770321135120