Mexican flavour  chickpeas JĖGA crispy coated, 100g
Code: U2181KL
Barcode: 4771173211864
Cheese flavour  chickpeas JĖGA crispy coated, 100g
Code: U2181KM
Barcode: 4771173211871
Nut and fruit mixture, 50g
Code: V131150
Barcode: 4771459688274
no image
Spice mix for hot wine ALVO, 40 g
Code: V312078
Barcode: 4770082326218
Mixture of dried berries and nuts, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400N
Barcode: 4771249824745
Dried berries mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V36400P
Barcode: 4771249824738
no image
Dried boletus, strips, 50 g
Code: U3611A0
Barcode: 4779021901042
Banana chips O NUTS, 100 g
Code: V23A380
Barcode: 4771459688793
Dried apricots,  4 th size, 1 kg
Code: V31419W
Barcode: 4771459048016
Dried mango slices ARIMEX, 200 g
Code: V361174
Barcode: 4771249825391
Dried fruit and nut mix, 1GO, 50 g
Code: V364002
Barcode: 4771249819062
Pistachios O!NUTS roasted and salted, 150 g
Code: V364033
Barcode: 4771459067475
no image
Pumpkin seeds kernels ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V3640E4
Barcode: 4771249817075
Dried goji berries ARIMEX, 500 g
Code: V3640RM
Barcode: 4771249819468
no image
Pecans nuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V36410E
Barcode: 4771249815712
Cranberries ARIMEX , 100 g
Code: V36410H
Barcode: 4771249817082
no image
Seeds mix for bread ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V36410L
Barcode: 4771249817495
no image
Brazil nuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V36410N
Barcode: 4771249811707
no image
Amaranth seeds, 1 kg
Code: V3641J4
Barcode: 4771459075081
Dried papaya, 1 kg
Code: V364213
Barcode: 4771249813299
no image
Chia Seeds, Spanish sage, 1 kg
Code: V36421Z
Barcode: 4771459052327
Dried apples, 1 kg
Code: V364276
Barcode: 4771249813275
no image
Organic Almond ARIMEX Organic, 150g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V36523T
Barcode: 4771249822123
no image
Organic hazelnuts ARIMEX Organic, 150g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V36523U
Barcode: 4771249822086
no image
Organic walnuts Arimex Organic, 150g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V36523V
Barcode: 4771249822079
no image
Linseed, 1 kg
Code: V539517
Barcode: 4779033860313
no image
Calendula seeds, ground, 500 g
Code: V9Z117L
Barcode: 4771459074978
no image
Cedar nuts, shelled ARIMEX,  50 g
Code: V9Z1190
Barcode: 4771249811844
no image
Dried Squirrels, 50 g
Code: U3611A1
Barcode: 4779021902834
Spicy peanut, Katjang Pedis, kg D
Code: U36146E
Barcode: 432
no image
Dried pears, kg D
Code: U36148M
Barcode: 2453
Cranberries O!NUTS, 150 g
Code: V364039
Barcode: 4771459067567
Pumpkin seeds O!NUTS, shelled, 150 g
Code: V364041
Barcode: 4771459067581
no image
Sunflower seeds, ARIMEX, shelled, 200 g
Code: V364042
Barcode: 4771249811356
no image
Walnuts ARIMEX, 100 g
Code: V364061
Barcode: 4771249811240
no image
Brazil nuts ARIMEX, 500g
Code: V3640C1
Barcode: 4771249815354
Roasted and salted pistachios ARIMEX, 70 g
Code: V36410C
Barcode: 4771249811677
no image
Pecans ARIMEX, 500 g
Code: V36410S
Barcode: 4771249819123
Dried pineapples, 1 kg
Code: V364162
Barcode: 4771249813282
no image
Linseed,  25 kg
Code: V3641AF
Barcode: 4771459052013
Chia Seeds, Spanish sage, 25 kg
Code: V36421V
Barcode: 4771459052334
no image
Dried melons stripes, kg D
Code: V36U5C1
Barcode: 402
Dried coconut slices, kg D
Code: V36U5E0
Barcode: 1431
no image
Dried bananas, 3 kg D
Code: V36U5HK
Barcode: 4771459075234