Green asparagus RISTORIS, 700g/385g
Code: C056396
Barcode: 8056515242130
White asparagus RISTORIS, 700g/425g
Code: C056397
Barcode: 8056515242123
no image
Finely Chopped Tomatoes MUTTI, 400 g
Code: U254S3D
Barcode: 80042556
no image
Chopped tomatoes MUTTI, 2,5 kg
Code: U254S3E
Barcode: 8005110171000
no image
Peeled tomatoes MUTTI, S.Marzano, 2.5 kg
Code: U254S3F
Barcode: 8005110060441
no image
Tomato puree MUTTI, 2.5 kg
Code: U254S3G
Barcode: 8005110193200
no image
Cherry tomatoes MUTTI, 2.5 kg
Code: U254S3K
Barcode: 8005110553004
no image
Tomato concentrate MUTTI, 2.1 kg
Code: U254S3L
Barcode: 8005110010002
Cherry tomatoes TASTE LAND in vinegar 680g/350g
Code: U262146
Barcode: 4771459694176
no image
Canned chickpeas VICTORIA, 400 g/240 g
Code: U263920
Barcode: 8000483159808
no image
Canned chickpeas VICTORIA, 2.5kg/1.5kg
Code: U263922
Barcode: 8000483300248
no image
Canned red beans VICTORIA, 2.5kg/1,5kg
Code: U263923
Barcode: 8000483300491
Beetroot in straws, TASTE LAND, 500 g / 275 g
Code: U264H19
Barcode: 4771459047613
Beetroot in straws, 500 g / 275 g
Code: U264H1A
Barcode: 4771459696606
no image
Sundried tomatoes TASTE LAND, in oil, 290/160 g
Code: U267A0U
Barcode: 4771459692905
no image
Pickled cucumbers FRUTICO, 1,55 kg / 0,91 kg
Code: U26P5CC
Barcode: 5902267003723
Pickled cucumbers FRUTICO, 870 g / 460g
Code: U26P5CD
Barcode: 5902267000104
Pickled cucumbers FRUTICO, 650 g / 350 g
Code: U26P5CE
Barcode: 5902267004539
Pickled cucumbers, 670 g / 370 g
Code: U26P5CH
Barcode: 5902267006717
no image
Chickpeas RISTORIS, 2,5 kg / 1,5kg
Code: U411313
Barcode: 8056515240860
no image
Crushed tomatoes RISTORIS, 2x5kg
Code: U411321
Barcode: 8056515240211
Pickled cucumbers OBELIŲ, 860g
Code: V14134U
Barcode: 4779035964569
no image
Marinated peppers, HELCOM, stripes, 4,2kg / 2kg
Code: V26K0MB
Barcode: 5907810102151
Beans NEZHIN, 450 g
Code: V26N61J
Barcode: 4823006801411
no image
Chicken soup KĖDAINIŲ, with noodles, 480 g
Code: V3301CL
Barcode: 4770583229599
Prepared harcho soup KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V3301CV
Barcode: 4770583229933
Prepared ninestrone soup KĖDAINIŲ, 480 g
Code: V3301CX
Barcode: 4770583229919
Pickled cucumbers HORECA PROFESSIONAL, 4.2kg
Code: V330G10
Barcode: 4770583227649
Sun-dried tomatoes in oil 4,1 kg / 2,5 kg HELCOM
Code: V36112M
Barcode: 5908258308846
Vegetable side dish for herring KĖDAINIU, 380 g
Code: V51JZ46
Barcode: 4770583229360
Mushroom mix KĖDAINIU, 380 g
Code: V51JZ47
Barcode: 4770583229377
Chicken stew KĖDAINIŲ Tikka Masala, 400 g
Code: V51JZ52
Barcode: 4770583229193
Stew KĖDAINIŲ Chilli Con Carne, 400 g
Code: V51JZ53
Barcode: 4770583229209
Pickles KĖDAINIŲ, sweet and sour, 330/680 g
Code: V51JZ57
Barcode: 4770583229148
Canned homemade tomatoes KĖDAINIŲ, 3150g
Code: V51JZ58
Barcode: 4770583207238
Mustard cucumber salad SPILVA, 380 g
Code: V539199
Barcode: 4770135217623
Canned soaked dried lentils BONDUELLE, 4kg
Code: V60442D
Barcode: 3083680002820
no image
Onions in vinegar RISTORIS, 2.5kg/1.5kg
Code: X408347
Barcode: 8056515241447