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Marinated peppers, HELCOM, stripes, 4,2kg / 2kg
Code: V26K0MB
Barcode: 5907810102151
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Roasted Sweet Red Peppers GOURMANTE, 360 g
Code: U411221
Barcode: 5200110730520
Grilled peppers RISTORIS, without skin 800g/750g
Code: U411303
Barcode: 8056515241553
KNKNORR Grilled paprikas, 750 g
Code: U263A16
Barcode: 8712100856921
Canned red Piquilo paprika, 390/350 g
Code: U264690
Barcode: 8436007955784
Marinated peppe NEZHIN, with spices, 450 g
Code: V26N59T
Barcode: 4823006805808
Pickled peppers quarters TASTE LAND,  650 g / 290 g
Code: U26472R
Barcode: 4771459045879
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Peppers Piguillo RISTORIS, 660g/ 550g
Code: X408342
Barcode: 8056515243205
Small sweet red paprika,  3/1,2 kg
Code: U264662
Barcode: 4771459050316
Sweet and sour mini peppers RISTORIS, 790 g/325 g
Code: X408094
Barcode: 8056515243984
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Red pepper PROFI, stripes, 4,25 kg / 2,3 kg
Code: U2636W4
Barcode: 4771459075708
Apple pepper TASTE LAND, 680g/350g
Code: U262148
Barcode: 4771459694169