Chickpeas ROUNDOOZE, coated in chocolate, 150 g
Code: V28111C
Barcode: 4779032810111
Chocolate asorti MILKA Egg Hunt Basket, 162 g
Code: V28798Q
Barcode: 7622201419332
Chocolate sweets GEISHA Caramel Seasalt, 150 g
Code: V28J56D
Barcode: 6416453072763
Dragee MILKA Snowball, with milk chocolate, 100 g
Code: V21C670
Barcode: 7622201795603
Sweets RASPBERRY, (1) kg
Code: V2810E2
Barcode: 4771173174442
Candies HALLS Colors, fruit flavor, 33.5 g
Code: V36U210
Barcode: 57030937
Dragee DAIM,225 g.
Code: U281139
Barcode: 7622201801458
Chewing sweets MAOAM Party Mix , 325 g
Code: U9JAT0K
Barcode: 4001686583388
Sweets LEMON, (1) kg
Code: V2810E1
Barcode: 4771173174244
Candy and a toy MASHA I MEDVED IN CAPSULE, 12x10g
Code: V281M3U
Barcode: 8698764350879
Advent calendar M&M's & Friends, 361 g
Code: V43616A
Barcode: 5000159476768
Gummies FIGLE MIGLE Tropic, 80 g
Code: U9H511P
Barcode: 5904686528061
Fruit lollipop JAKE MAXI GUM, 26 g x 50 pcs.
Code: V28825P
Barcode: 8412147022180
Dragee EKSPRES, 1 kg
Code: V28C99W
Barcode: 4770123171807
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 200 g
Code: M01825Z
Barcode: 5900951141645
BIBI caramel, fruit flavored, 1kg
Code: U28153U
Barcode: 5906743102993
Candy box MILKA Secret Box, 14,4 g
Code: U36331A
Barcode: 57027890
Gummies RASPBERRIES, 0,5 kg
Code: V283P37
Barcode: 4779023620460
Candies HALLS Coolwave, 33,5 g
Code: V28518T
Barcode: 50985081
Assorted dark chocolate candies LAIMA, 215 g
Code: V28J5EM
Barcode: 4750001948127
Code: V9A20CG
Barcode: 5010933012075
Chocolate bananas SIR CHARLES, 300g
Code: X408209
Barcode: 9002859058172
Sweets CELEBRATION a sweet form box, 98g
Code: C047935
Barcode: 5000159500739
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 45 g
Code: M01825E
Barcode: 5900951140310
Cocoa sweets Karvutė MARGĖ, 1 kg
Code: U363361
Barcode: 4771459693391
Gummies RASBERY, 80 g
Code: V283P14
Barcode: 4779023620552
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 90 g
Code: M01825H
Barcode: 5900951247897
Candies HALLS Extra Strong, 33,5 g
Code: V28518V
Barcode: 50985098
Chocolate egg AHA ZOO, 2 colours, 20 g
Code: V286315
Barcode: 84193780
Milka eggs with Oreo filling, with spoon, 128 g
Code: V28799B
Barcode: 7622210940032
MILKA chocolate 96 g with Plush Toy
Code: V28799D
Barcode: 7622210857989
Sweets ROSHEN  Milky Splash, with milk fill, 1kg
Code: V28B21S
Barcode: 4823077608810
Chocolate egg Disney Cars 2, 20 g
Code: V28631C
Barcode: 80737797
Shewy sweet CHEWITS Cola, 29 g
Code: V28820V
Barcode: 8013399186936