Chickpeas ROUNDOOZE, coated in chocolate, 150 g
Code: V28111C
Barcode: 4779032810111
Dragee M&M's Crispy, with crispy filling, 77g
Code: V43616D
Barcode: 5000159500906
Dragee M&M's Crispy, with crispy filling, 187g
Code: V43616E
Barcode: 5000159472005
Sweets RASPBERRY, (1) kg
Code: V2810E2
Barcode: 4771173174442
Sweets LEMON, (1) kg
Code: V2810E1
Barcode: 4771173174244
Dragee EKSPRES, 1 kg
Code: V28C99W
Barcode: 4770123171807
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 200 g
Code: M01825Z
Barcode: 5900951141645
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 45 g
Code: M01825E
Barcode: 5900951140310
Sweets M&M's Peanut, 90 g
Code: M01825H
Barcode: 5900951247897
MALTESERS pouch bag, 135g
Code: V43615S
Barcode: 5000159414197
Sweets MALTESERS, 85g
Code: V43615T
Barcode: 5000159417365
Drops MENTOS Rainbow, 37 g
Code: V28511M
Barcode: 87311396
Drops MENTOS, mint, 38 g
Code: V285111
Barcode: 87108019
Drops MENTOS, fruit flavour, 38 g
Code: V285112
Barcode: 87108026
Dragee MINT, 80 g
Code: V2810CT
Barcode: 4771173208352
Sweets SKAWA Grietininiai, 70g
Code: V36357J
Barcode: 5902978002374
Sweets SKAWA Korsarai, coconut flavour, 70 g
Code: V36357K
Barcode: 5902978002428
Sweets SKAWA, Klounai, nut flavour, 70 g
Code: V36357L
Barcode: 5902978002732
SKITTLES Crazy Sours Pouch, 174 g
Code: M4014A1
Barcode: 4009900465304
SKITTLES Crazy Sours Pouch, 125g
Code: M4C14A8
Barcode: 5000159314572
SKITTLES Fruit Pouch, 125g
Code: M4014C0
Barcode: 5000159021692
SKITTLES Fruit Pouch, 174g
Code: M4014A0
Barcode: 4009900455299
Chewing gum candy SKITTLES Fruits, 38 g
Code: V28519C
Barcode: 5000159376655
Candies SKITTLE Sours, 38 g
Code: V28519E
Barcode: 5000159376792
SKITTLES Wild Berry Pouch, 125g
Code: M4014CA
Barcode: 4009900460163
Coloured raisins, (1) kg
Code: V2810CM
Barcode: 4771173174077
Dragee yoghurt, 1 kg
Code: V28CA3T
Barcode: 4770123190945
Peanut covered with white taste daub, (1) kg
Code: V2810CE
Barcode: 4771173174015
Coloured peanuts, (1) kg
Code: V2810CC
Barcode: 4771173174022
Peanut covered with chocolate taste daub, (1) kg
Code: V2810CA
Barcode: 4771173174039
Dragee ŽEMĖS RIEŠUTAI, in sugar, 1 kg
Code: V28CA30
Barcode: 4770123171838
Dragee ŽEMĖS RIEŠUTAI, in cocoa, 1 kg
Code: V28CA31
Barcode: 4770123171821
Corn fertilizers RŪTA, with caramel, 150 g
Code: V280820
Barcode: 4770123209760
Coloured raisins, 80 g
Code: V2810CN
Barcode: 4771173208307
Sweets M&M's Choco, 200 g
Code: M018262
Barcode: 5900951141638
Sweets M&M's Choco, 90  g
Code: M018261
Barcode: 5900951247972
Sweets M&M's Choco, 45 g
Code: M018260
Barcode: 5900951140303
Chocolate peanuts SALYSOL, 60 g
Code: X411156
Barcode: 8423371000493
Peanuts covered with sugar, 80 g
Code: V2810CH
Barcode: 4771173208253
Peanuts covered with colorful sugar, 80 g
Code: V2810CP
Barcode: 4771173208260
Peanuts covered with chocolate taste daub, 80 g
Code: V2810CF
Barcode: 4771173208246