Dragee MILKA Snowball, with milk chocolate, 100 g
Code: V21C670
Barcode: 7622201795603
Candy and a toy MASHA I MEDVED IN CAPSULE, 12x10g
Code: V281M3U
Barcode: 8698764350879
Candy box MILKA Secret Box, 14,4 g
Code: U36331A
Barcode: 57027890
Chocolate egg AHA ZOO, 2 colours, 20 g
Code: V286315
Barcode: 84193780
MILKA chocolate 96 g with Plush Toy
Code: V28799D
Barcode: 7622210857989
Chocolate egg Disney Cars 2, 20 g
Code: V28631C
Barcode: 80737797
Chocolate egg KINDER JOY, 20 g
Code: V9T162H
Barcode: 80310891
Chocolate eggs KINDER, 20 g
Code: V286411
Barcode: 40084107
Chocolate egg with surprise toy, 25 g
Code: V281M21
Barcode: 8699854398771
Chocolate egg with surprise toy, 25 g
Code: V281M1Y
Barcode: 8697422653864
Chocolate egg with surprise toy, 60 g
Code: V281M10
Barcode: 8699462607258