Syrup TEISSEIRE Lemon Tea, 0,7 l
Code: U18C12J
Barcode: 3092718631932
Syrup for coffee TEISSEIRE orange, 1 L
Code: U18C12K
Barcode: 3092710222008
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Pop corn, 0.7 l
Code: U18C15A
Barcode: 3092718631901
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Tiramisu, 0.7 l
Code: U18C15C
Barcode: 3092718631963
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Pina Colada,, 0.7 l
Code: U18C15E
Barcode: 3092718631208
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Gout Rhum, 0.7 l
Code: U18C15F
Barcode: 3092718614058
TEISSEIRE syrup, Blackcurrant, without sugar, 0.6 l
Code: U18C15H
Barcode: 3092718632991
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Lemon Lime, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15J
Barcode: 3092718633028
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Elderflower, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15L
Barcode: 3092718620042
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Mojito, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15N
Barcode: 3092718628383
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Orange Spritz, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15P
Barcode: 3092718634216
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Pina Colada, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15R
Barcode: 3092718628352
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Passion Fruit, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15S
Barcode: 3092718623166
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Peach, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15T
Barcode: 3092718633264
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Cherry Cola, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: U18C15V
Barcode: 3092718634452
Syrup TEISSEIRE,  Fruit De La Passion, 0,7 l
Code: U18C15X
Barcode: 3092718631178
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Strawberry  1 l PET
Code: U18C15Z
Barcode: 3092718640699
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Raspberry,0.6l
Code: U18C160
Barcode: 3092718586782
Syrup Sirupas BRTIVIC, Cordial Lime, 1l
Code: V19T747
Barcode: 5010102103627
Syrup Sirupas BRTIVIC, Cordial Orange, 1l
Code: V19T748
Barcode: 5010102103634
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Grenadine, without sugar, 0.6l
Code: X402527
Barcode: 3092718613013
Syrup TEISSEIRE, Orange spritz, 0,7l
Code: X417735
Barcode: 3092718631086
Coffee and tea syrup TEISSEIRE, Irish cream, 0.7 l
Code: U18C117
Barcode: 3092719700361
Syrup TEISSEIRE Pineapple, 0,7 l
Code: U18C11F
Barcode: 3092719700033
Syrup TEISSEIRE Watermelon, 0,7 l
Code: U18C148
Barcode: 3092718602277
Syrup TEISSEIRE Raspberry, 1 l
Code: U18C141
Barcode: 3092714202006
Syrup TEISSEIRE Banana, 0,7 l
Code: U18C119
Barcode: 3092719700002
Syrup TEISSEIRE Strawberry, 1 l
Code: U18C142
Barcode: 3092718613907
Coffee and tea syrups TEISSEIRE, cinnamon, 0.7 l
Code: U18C144
Barcode: 3092719700064
Syrup TEISSEIRE Lemon, 1 l
Code: U18C124
Barcode: 3092711422001
Syrup TEISSEIRE Cane Sugar, 1 l
Code: U18C14F
Barcode: 3092718512002
Syrup TEISSEIRE Blackberry, 0,7 l
Code: U18C145
Barcode: 3092719501258
Syrup TEISSEIRE Pomegranate, 0,7 l
Code: U18C14L
Barcode: 3092718599706
Coffee and tea syrups TEISSEIRE, Grenadine, 0.7 l
Code: U18C116
Barcode: 3092719700330
Syrup TEISSEIRE Grenadine, 1 l
Code: U18C122
Barcode: 3092712902007
Syrup TEISSEIRE Blackcurrant, 0,7 l
Code: U18C11N
Barcode: 3092719701290
Syrup TEISSEIRE Blackcurrant, 1 l
Code: U18C143
Barcode: 3092714802008
Syrup TEISSEIRE Cactus, 0,7 l
Code: U18C149
Barcode: 3092719502811
Syrup TEISSEIRE, caramel, 1 l PET
Code: U18C14W
Barcode: 3092718608194
Coffee and tea syrups TEISSEIRE, Caramel, 0.7 l
Code: U18C113
Barcode: 3092719700095
Syrup for coffee TEISSEIRE caramel, 1 L
Code: U18C120
Barcode: 3092718592288
Syrup TEISSEIRE Chestnut, 0,7 l
Code: U18C12E
Barcode: 3092718603335
Syrup TEISSEIRE Kiwi, 1 l
Code: U18C14H
Barcode: 3092718580032
Syrup TEISSEIRE Coconut, 0,7 l
Code: U18C11E
Barcode: 3092718631024
Syrup TEISSEIRE Pear, 0,7 l
Code: U18C14M
Barcode: 3092718611453