Disposable booties, polyethylene, 100 pcs
Code: U984HES
Barcode: 4771459690833
Disposable hats, corrugated, white, 100 pcs
Code: U985HEV
Barcode: 4771459690864
Respirator PROSYSTEM FFP2, black10pcs
Code: U9D4497
Barcode: 4777000004425
Respirator ARIMASK FFP2, baltas 10 pcs
Code: U9D4498
Barcode: 8682943460046
Gloves Söke, size S, 1 pair
Code: V9810JM
Barcode: 3245421124165
Rubber gloves Söke, size M, 1 pair
Code: V9810JN
Barcode: 3245421124172
Rubber gloves Söke, size L, 1 pair
Code: V9810JP
Barcode: 3245421124189
Respirator DMC MASK FFP2, black, 2 pcs
Code: V9D4400
Barcode: 4779050340423
Medical mask, 30 pcs
Code: V9D4406
Barcode: 5900516868376
Rapid COVID-19 antigen test SINGC, nasal, 1 pc
Code: V9D4408
Barcode: 6936020115186
Medical face mask AGEA, 50 pcs
Code: V9D5000
Barcode: 4779051220106
Surgical face mask type IIR, 50 pcs
Code: V98223Y
Barcode: 6973236500047
Face mask, 3 layers, 50 pcs
Code: V21B27Y
Barcode: 1081001809326
Respirator DMC MASK FFP2, 2 pcs
Code: U9D4496
Barcode: 4779050340317
Gloves coated with nitril, 1 pair
Code: V953643
Barcode: 2005035144895
Knited gloves with PVC dots - one side, 1 pair
Code: V953640
Barcode: 2005036140773
Gloves coated with PU, 10 size, 1 pair
Code: V981K11
Barcode: 100667881
Jeans apron with chest, black, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV21W
Barcode: 4751017110454
Jeans apron with chest, blue, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV21X
Barcode: 4751017110447
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, L size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV221
Barcode: 4751017110430
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, M size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV222
Barcode: 4751017110423
Apron 2IN1, unisex, black, S size, 1 pcs
Code: V9KV223
Barcode: 4751017110416
Pinafore, black
Code: V9KV16C
Barcode: 4771459335543
Pinafore, claret, waterproof
Code: V9KV16A
Barcode: 4771459335536
Pinafore, claret, waterproof
Code: V9KV16L
Barcode: 4771459335550
Pinafore, dark red, sintetic
Code: V9KV16U
Barcode: 4771459336182
Gloves PE, onetime, 500 pcs., size L
Code: U984J21
Barcode: 4002911122235
Gloves PE, onetime, 500 pcs., M, 20 my
Code: U984J22
Barcode: 4002911122228
Cap with net, with bill, white
Code: V9KV1A1
Barcode: 4771459335611
Cap with net, white
Code: V9KV1A2
Barcode: 4771459335871