Charcoal PRO WOOD hardwood, 2 kg
Code: V932ACN
Barcode: 4779039713118
Vištos laikiklis, keramika, H 12,5 cm, vnt
Code: V96Y115
Barcode: 4779043240426
Flammable liquid BOKER, 1 l
Code: V96Z15A
Barcode: 4779031780057
Flammable liquid BOKER, 0,5 l
Code: V96Z15C
Barcode: 4779031780040
Instant Read Meat Inkbird IHT-1P Thermometer
Code: VDZ456C
Barcode: 4779039712302
ProFlame charcoal,2 kg
Code: V932ACA
Barcode: 4779043240129
PROflame EXPERT  charcoal 10 kg
Code: V932ACE
Barcode: 4779043240198
Firewood, 20l, up to 30% humidity
Code: V96Z624
Barcode: 4779016980120
PROflame EXPERT ecological firelighters, 32 pcs.
Code: V932AC9
Barcode: 4779043240617
PROflame charcoal briquettes 2 kg
Code: V96Y110
Barcode: 4771632088174
Charcoals TEXAS CLUB, 10 kg.
Code: V96Z142
Barcode: 4814299000025
Kerosene, 1 l
Code: V8A4J11
Barcode: 4770590130734
Hickory smoking chunks, 1 kg
Code: V96Z12T
Barcode: 4779039711213
Flamable liquid for lamps and torches, 1 l
Code: V8A4J31
Barcode: 4770590131878
BBQ wood planks 2pcs, 25 x 15 cm
Code: C024037
Barcode: 4779039710100
Bourbon barrel stave chunks TEXAS, 15 PCS.
Code: V96Z121
Barcode: 4779039710735
Rum barrel stave chunks, 1 l
Code: V96Z129
Barcode: 4779039711022
Rum barrel stave chunks TEXAS, 1 l
Code: V96Z12A
Barcode: 4779039711039
Oak smoking chunks TEXAS CLUB, 1 kgs
Code: V96Z12C
Barcode: 4779039711183
Mat for baking/grilling, pcs
Code: U93A7A8
Barcode: 4779043240464
Brush TEXAS CLUB, for cleaning grills, L 30 cm, pcs
Code: V96Z150
Barcode: 4779039713002