Soy drink ALPRO with vanilla, 1 L
Code: U25H127
Barcode: 5411188081852
Braised pork, 400 g
Code: U2601PY
Barcode: 5900244003605
Dried Ham NAVIDUL Jamon Iberico cebo, sliced, 110 g
Code: U2601SK
Barcode: 8410320242004
Cured ham NAVIDUL, diced, 120 g
Code: U2601SP
Barcode: 8413098080373
A set of  cured Spanish products NAVIDUL X-Mas, 900g
Code: U2601TO
Barcode: 8410320373197
Canned beef BRASLA, 525 g
Code: U2601UC
Barcode: 4751006980969
Canned pork BRASLA, 525 g
Code: U2601UE
Barcode: 4751006980952
Canned beef BRASLA, 240 g
Code: U2601UF
Barcode: 4751006980426
Canned chicken BRASLA, 525 g
Code: U2601UH
Barcode: 4751006981133
Canned pork in its own juice, 525 g
Code: U260A1C
Barcode: 4751010855710
Canned stewed chicken in jelly, 525 g
Code: U260A1F
Barcode: 4751010855680
Canned chicken, stewed, 240 g
Code: U260A1L
Barcode: 4751010856304
Canned beef, stewed, 240 g
Code: U260A1M
Barcode: 4751010856328
Sardines in tomato sauce 240 g EO
Code: U261122
Barcode: 4751007730129
Bratlins in tomato sauce 240 g EO
Code: U261123
Barcode: 4751007731386
Salmon in own juice, soup selection 240 g EO
Code: U261124
Barcode: 4751007737111
Salmon in tomato sauce, soup selection 240 g EO
Code: U261125
Barcode: 4751007730693
Salmon fillets in own juice 170 g
Code: U261126
Barcode: 4751007734004
Sprats in oil 160 g EO
Code: U261129
Barcode: 4751007730617
Sprats in oil KAIJA  EO 190 g
Code: U26112A
Barcode: 4751007730815
Tuna salad "Italian" KAIJA, 175 g
Code: U26112B
Barcode: 4751007739245
Cod liver in its own oil BRIVAIS VILNIS, 121g
Code: U261130
Barcode: 4750616003655
Sprats in oil TL 160 g EO
Code: U261131
Barcode: 4751007731485
Tuna salad "Mexican" 175 g
Code: U261132
Barcode: 4751007739238
Smoked sprats in oil, EO, 240 g
Code: U261273
Barcode: 4750616001163
Smoked sprats EO Riga, in oil, 160 g
Code: U261274
Barcode: 4750616001132
Cod Liver in its own oil JOHN WEST, 121g
Code: U262A1E
Barcode: 5000171060341
Cod Liver in its own oil JOHN WEST, 190g
Code: U262A1F
Barcode: 5000171060358