Beemster Mild cheese, matured for 1 month, 250g
Code: U432AA1
Barcode: 8712243074657
Cheese Beemster Medium matured for 4 months., 250g
Code: U432AA2
Barcode: 8712243074022
Beemster X-O cheese, head, ~ 11 kg
Code: U432AA7
Barcode: 2537084
Cheese ROYAAL, head, ~12,5 kg
Code: U432AA8
Barcode: 25370850
Blue mold cheese BLEU D'AUVERGNE, 50%, DOP, 125 g
Code: U432AFL
Barcode: 3123932502828
no image
Sweet milk cheese Pan ZANI, 160 g
Code: U432AHB
Barcode: 8000677203201
Processed cheese slices PRESIDENT Emmental, 200 g
Code: U432H1E
Barcode: 3228020490343
Cheese Petit Saint Nectaire, AOP, 600 g
Code: U432H28
Barcode: 3376967016932
no image
Cheese Raclette in slices, 400 g
Code: U432H29
Barcode: 3376963015236
no image
Spreadable cheese SAINT-NECTAIRE, 150 g
Code: U432H2A
Barcode: 3376960009306
Spreadable cheese FOURME D'AMBERT, 150 g
Code: U432H2C
Barcode: 3376960009313
no image
Spreadable cheese BLEU D'AUVERGNE, 150 g
Code: U432H2E
Barcode: 3376960009320
no image
Cheese Tommette du Chatelard, 300 g
Code: U432H2F
Barcode: 3352430003296
Cheese Brie, PRESIDENT, with olives, 32 %, 125 g
Code: U432H2R
Barcode: 5906207560079
no image
Cheese Mozzarella light GALBANI, 125 g
Code: U432H45
Barcode: 8000430137019
no image
Grated Parmesan cheese PRESIDENT Corregio, 100 g
Code: U432H47
Barcode: 5906207050068
no image
Ricotta cheese GALBANI, 12%, 250 g
Code: U432H51
Barcode: 8000430194012
no image
Hard cheese Ossau Iraty, sheep's milk, PDO,180 g
Code: U436522
Barcode: 3575883003747
no image
Cheese Morbier, AOP, 200g
Code: U436526
Barcode: 3542862592110
Hamburger buns with sesame, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231J
Barcode: 4028491401072
Mega sesame burger buns, 4 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231K
Barcode: 4028491401065
Hamburger buns, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231M
Barcode: 4028491401089
Bread Batard Campagne, 450g, 4030096
Code: U44236M
Barcode: 301175