Tuna in vegetable oil, in vacuum 1 kg
Code: U263801
Barcode: 8436007955845
Squid tentacles, in oil, 120 g
Code: U26389A
Barcode: 8436007951694
no image
Quail eggs, 12 pieces. (M)
Code: U291A19
Barcode: 4751025750048
no image
Seabass, gutted, 600-800, chillled
Code: U402126
Barcode: 23230724
Mayonnaise HEINZ Professional, 71% fat, 10 l
Code: U412809
Barcode: 8715700120089
Cheese Cheddar caramelised Onion&Rioja, 200g
Code: U4311BD
Barcode: 5060201990819
Cheese Cheddar Old Hag, Ale&Mustard, 200g
Code: U4311BQ
Barcode: 5060640700048
no image
Cheese Leicester, 200g (M)
Code: U4311BY
Barcode: 5028482000375
no image
Chesse Gloucester, 200g (M)
Code: U4311BZ
Barcode: 5028482000382
Cheese Mild Coloured Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311CC
Barcode: 5028482000412
Ceese Mild White Cheddar, 200g
Code: U4311CG
Barcode: 5028482000443
Cheese SOIGNON Camembert, 180 g
Code: U4311CL
Barcode: 3394230110613
no image
Emmental cheese ENTREMONT, 2 kg
Code: U4311CM
Barcode: 276718021884
Cheese Mild White Cheddar, ~2,5kg
Code: U4311D3
Barcode: 23549354
EATLEAN Protein Cheese 350g
Code: U4311D5
Barcode: 5028482101096
EATLEAN Protein Matured Cheese 350g
Code: U4311D6
Barcode: 5028482103212
EATLEAN Protein  Cheese 200g
Code: U4311D7
Barcode: 5028482101690
EATLEAN grated Protein  Cheese 180g
Code: U4311D8
Barcode: 5028482101140
Cheese Mild Coloured Cheddar , ~2,5kg
Code: U4311D9
Barcode: 23549168
Slicedcheese EATLEAN, protein,  160g
Code: U4311DA
Barcode: 5028482102666
Cheese EATLEAN sliced, matured, protein 160g
Code: U4311DC
Barcode: 5028482103397
Spreadable cheeseEATLEAN, 150 g
Code: U4311DE
Barcode: 5028482103069
Cheese Paturages Comtois, Brie, 28% fat, 1kg
Code: U4311EA
Barcode: 3324040112149
Cheese Cheddar HUNTER Truffle & Black Pepper, 200g
Code: U431558
Barcode: 5060640700673
Cheese Cheddar GINCELLO Gin & Lemon , 200g
Code: U4316M8
Barcode: 5060640700024
no image
Cream cheese plain ARLA, 24,5%, 3 kg
Code: U43170E
Barcode: 5711953086588
Semi-hard cheese COINGA Mahon - Menorca, 31%, 225 g
Code: U4321C0
Barcode: 8420402220004
Blue mold cheese VALDEON, 100 g
Code: U4321C5
Barcode: 8412393001212
Sheep's milk, semi-hard AL ROMERO cheese, 220 g
Code: U4321C6
Barcode: 8437018116546
Grated cheese "Rokiškio" 45%, 200g
Code: U4321CA
Barcode: 4770471047540
Philadelphia Plain Family Pack EUE 8CA. 300g
Code: U432212
Barcode: 7622210590473
no image
Sviestas MLEKOVITA, 82%, be laktozės, 200 g (M)
Code: U4323A4
Barcode: 5900512982977
no image
Butter, 10g x 96vnt, 960g (M)
Code: U4324A2
Barcode: 5901126001689
NaTurek Camembert Hot Usage with raspberries sauce
Code: U4325RA
Barcode: 5901390004799