no image
Cooled egg mass, in bags, 10 kg
Code: U4D225D
Barcode: 4750456000500
no image
Egg mass BALTICOVO, pasteurised, 1 kg
Code: U4D225E
Barcode: 4750456106837
no image
Fresh cheese Burrata MALDERA, 350 g
Code: U4D2A2M
Barcode: 8033481624948
no image
Eggs, M size, white shell, packed, 10 pcs., OEP
Code: U4D81A1
Barcode: 4751026760541
no image
White shell eggs, AL, prepacked, 10 pcs., OEP
Code: U4D81A2
Barcode: 4751026760558
no image
White shell eggs, AM, not packaged 10 pcs.
Code: U4D81A4
Barcode: 4751026760596
no image
White shell eggs, L size, not packaged 10 pcs.
Code: U4D81A5
Barcode: 4751026760602
Whole egg liquid OVOSTAR, 10 kg
Code: U4D81A6
Barcode: 4751026760169
Egg white mass OVOSTAR, Long Life HW, 1 kg
Code: U4D81A9
Barcode: 4751026762453
Egg yolk weight OVOSTAR, Long Life, 1kg
Code: U4D81B1
Barcode: 4751026761593
no image
Duck confit de CANARD, in can, 4  pcs, 1,35 kg
Code: U50634X
Barcode: 3274760614204
no image
Duck confit de CANARD, in can, 12vnt, 3,8 kg
Code: U50634Y
Barcode: 5705518442346
MOTTRA Finest caviar, 56g
Code: U508352
Barcode: 4751010600495
Dried sguid shredded DRY SEAFOOD Classic, 20 g
Code: U5087A1
Barcode: 4751026960057
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, red, 20 g
Code: U5087A2
Barcode: 4751026960064
Dried squid shredded DRY SEAFOOD, smoked, 20g
Code: U5087A3
Barcode: 4751026960071
Dried blue whiting DRY SEAFOOD, 30 g
Code: U5087A4
Barcode: 4751026960118
no image
Chilled turkey fillet , VAC ~5 kg
Code: U50911G
Barcode: 2075460
no image
Chilled turkey thigh meat , VAC ~5 kg
Code: U50911S
Barcode: 2075452
no image
Pork collar, boneless,,  ~2 kg 6100022
Code: U509144
Barcode: 2533908
no image
Pork trimming 80/20, ~8 kg chilled
Code: U509146
Barcode: 2533916
no image
Pork ham, boneless, skinless,  kg
Code: U509148
Barcode: 2533910
Dried sausage SALSICCA PDO, 1r., ~ 250 g
Code: U5091M9
Barcode: 23028868
Dried ham ARGAL, with stand and knife, 4,2 kg
Code: U5091ZJ
Barcode: 8410764033213
Boiled pork pate, with garlic, I class, 150 g
Code: U509A0K
Barcode: 5413101006331
Boiled pork pate, with venison, I class, 200 g
Code: U509A0N
Barcode: 5413101003521
Boiled pork pate, with hazelnuts, I class, 150 g
Code: U509A0R
Barcode: 5413101010284
Boiled pork pate, with cranberries, I class, 150 g
Code: U509A0T
Barcode: 5413101011038
Boiled pork pate, with wild boar, I class, 200 g
Code: U509A0V
Barcode: 5413101006232
Boiled pork pate, with duck liver, I class, 150 g
Code: U509A0W
Barcode: 5413101006362
Boiled pork pate Duck Pate, high quality 1kg
Code: U509A0X
Barcode: 5413101007390
Collection of Italian products, 110 g
Code: U50FVA0
Barcode: 8005573008400