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Salad with couscous, vegetables and chickpeas, 200g
Code: U9H12Z4
Barcode: 3281780896343
Octopus pieces with garlic flavour, 111 g
Code: U9JA5N0
Barcode: 8436007951830
Tuna slice RIO MARE, 3 x 80 g
Code: U9JA5NS
Barcode: 8004030341562
Tuna slice RIO MARE, in olive oil, 3 x 80 g
Code: U9JA5NT
Barcode: 8004030344938
Octopus pieces in marine sauce ol, 111g
Code: U9JA601
Barcode: 8436007951700
Anchovy fillets, DIAMIR, in oil, 3 x 23 g
Code: U9JA602
Barcode: 8436007959775
Squids in their own ink ol, 110 g
Code: U9JASN0
Barcode: 8436007952271
Spanish sausage TELLO Pepperoni, sliced, 1 kg
Code: UA14H10
Barcode: 8414881150662
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Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, 400 g (M)
Code: V12K2P2
Barcode: 4770855212038
Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, with turmeric, 400 g
Code: V12K2P3
Barcode: 4770855212045
Dry breadcrumbs KLINGAI, with paprica, 4   g
Code: V12K2P4
Barcode: 4770855212052
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Mayo sauce VILNIUS Burger, 420 ml
Code: V174A2F
Barcode: 4779022892370
no image
Dry breadcrumbs VILNIAUS DUONA, ground, 375 g (M)
Code: V21L557
Barcode: 4750038146510
Lithuanian Christmas Eve cookies, 400 g
Code: V21P106
Barcode: 4770049061091
Grilled chicken sausages CLASSIC, a.r. 495g
Code: V2340A0
Barcode: 4770513124635
Cream cheese PHILADELPHIA Extra Protein, 175g
Code: V28113A
Barcode: 7622201637071
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Spreadable cheese PHILADELPHIA, plain,200g
Code: V28113Q
Barcode: 7622210582799
Yogurt YOGINOS with blueberry, 0,1%, 4x100 g
Code: V29146A
Barcode: 4002971529401
Cheddar FORD FARM with whisky (40% abv), 200g
Code: V29E47P
Barcode: 5030544900691
Tofu dessert VEGGO, nut flavor, 27.8%, 40g
Code: V29E47S
Barcode: 4779046470561
Tofu dessert VEGGO, cherry flavor, 27.8%, 40g
Code: V29E47T
Barcode: 4779046470172
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Vegan chebureks VEGGO, 2 pcs., 170g
Code: V29E47Y
Barcode: 4779046470103
no image
Cheddar with onion marmalade FORD FARM 200g
Code: V29E48B
Barcode: 5030544904101
no image
White mild cheddar cheese  wedge, 200g
Code: V29E48G
Barcode: 5060088255056
Cheddar FORD FARM with truffles ,200g
Code: V29E48O
Barcode: 5030544903661
Dragon Mild coloured cheddar cheese 180 g
Code: V29E48W
Barcode: 5017243097020
no image
White mature cheddar cheese, 12 month, 200g
Code: V29E48Z
Barcode: 5060088255032
no image
Potatoes, I class, 10kg
Code: V33019K
Barcode: 4771459065419
no image
Boiled chickpeas, 400 g
Code: V330215
Barcode: 4779023972361
Sauce for burgers Horeca professional, 5kg
Code: V330H71
Barcode: 4770583228592
Mix of microgreens for meat dishes, 20 vnt
Code: V33220A
Barcode: 4779049051064
Mix of microgreens, 20 vnt
Code: V33220C
Barcode: 4779049051057
no image
Shiso purple, pcs.
Code: V332277
Barcode: 1054
no image
Asparagus, green, mini, 200 g
Code: V33227T
Barcode: 8717662021183
no image
Purple radish sprouts, 80 g
Code: V33229E
Barcode: 4779038810955
Pea sprouts, 100 g
Code: V33229F
Barcode: 4779046871030
Sprouted ray beans, 150 g
Code: V33229J
Barcode: 4779046871016
Borage cress, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229K
Barcode: 4779049051088
Basil Opal dark, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229L
Barcode: 4779049050975
Basil, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229M
Barcode: 4779049050968
Rucola, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229N
Barcode: 4779049050982