Bread PALANGA, white, sliced, steamed, 700g
Code: V444631
Barcode: 4771489191065
Light rye bread AGOTOS, 800 g
Code: V44414M
Barcode: 4770163200109
no image
AGOTOS bread, rye, 375 g (M)
Code: V44414N
Barcode: 4770163199175
no image
Dark bread, AJERŲ, a quarter of loaf, 650g
Code: V44V615
Barcode: 6013691150109
no image
Wheat and rye flour bread without yeast, 260 g
Code: V44E11N
Barcode: 4770078193428
Pizza pads, 2 x 100 g, 26-28cm
Code: V44E4A1
Barcode: 4770078192186
no image
Yeast SEMA, pressed, 100 g
Code: V3120A3
Barcode: 5907431257087
no image
Yeasts, EUROFERM, 500 g
Code: V3120H6
Barcode: 5907431257223
no image
Yeast SEMA, universal, 500 g
Code: V3120A5
Barcode: 5907431257230
no image
Bun with apple filling, 2 x 70 g
Code: V44E317
Barcode: 4770078192292