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Hamburger buns with sesame, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231J
Barcode: 4028491401072
Mega sesame burger buns, 4 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231K
Barcode: 4028491401065
Hamburger buns, 6 pcs., 300 g
Code: U44231M
Barcode: 4028491401089
Hamburger roll BALVITEN GLUTEN FREE, vegan,  2x70 g
Code: U9CC5SA
Barcode: 5907653104725
Rolls BALVITEN GLUTEN FREE, with seeds, 2x50 g
Code: U9CC5SJ
Barcode: 5907653104923
Burger buns STREET FOOD, 2 x 80g
Code: V44132X
Barcode: 4770068199768
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Tea bun with whole grain wheat flour 2x60g(M)
Code: V44494E
Barcode: 4771489194127
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Cinnamon bun with whole grain wheat flour 2x60g(M)
Code: V44494F
Barcode: 4771489194134
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Buns Brioche, with butter, 300g
Code: V44E11E
Barcode: 4770078195026
Picnic bread with cheese , incised, 200 g, (4x50g)
Code: V44YP34
Barcode: 4770635198224
Pikniko burger buns, incised, 240 g (4x60g)
Code: V44YP37
Barcode: 4770635199207
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Bun with apple filling, 2 x 70 g
Code: V44E317
Barcode: 4770078192292