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Emmental cheese ENTREMONT, 2 kg
Code: U4311CM
Barcode: 276718
Semi-hard cheese Fontina, PDO, 250g
Code: U43171A
Barcode: 8008995003015
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Fermented cheese FRESH PACK Maasdam, ~200g
Code: U43263T
Barcode: 2598220
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Fermented cheese EMMENTALER, sliced, 1 kg
Code: U4328JH
Barcode: 5900820010256
Beemster Mild cheese, matured for 1 month, 250g
Code: U432AA1
Barcode: 8712243074657
Cheese Beemster Medium matured for 4 months., 250g
Code: U432AA2
Barcode: 8712243074022
Beemster X-O cheese, head, ~ 11 kg
Code: U432AA7
Barcode: 2537084
Cheese ROYAAL, head, ~12,5 kg
Code: U432AA8
Barcode: 25370850
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Cheese Appenzeller, 48% fat, ~6,9kg
Code: U95976J
Barcode: 2920380
Sheep's milk cheese with truffles, 200g
Code: U95978L
Barcode: 8437012851603
Sheep's milk cheese with black beer, 200g
Code: U95978M
Barcode: 8437012851221
Sheep's milk cheese with brandy, 200g
Code: U95978N
Barcode: 8437005659575
Sheep's milk cheese with chili, 200g
Code: U95978P
Barcode: 8437012851276
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Semi hard cheese VILVI Tilsit, 45 %, RSM, 0,24 kg
Code: V4333L4
Barcode: 4770113049253
Semi hard cheese VILVIGouda, 48%, RSM, 0,24 kg
Code: V4333L5
Barcode: 4770113049246
no image
Cheese GOUDA, 45%, ~4,5kg
Code: V43645T
Barcode: 2755243
Cheese HOCHLAND Maasdamer, matured, sliced, 135 g
Code: V43650C
Barcode: 5902899140742