Salmon in own juice, soup selection 240 g EO
Code: U261124
Barcode: 4751007737111
Salmon in tomato sauce, soup selection 240 g EO
Code: U261125
Barcode: 4751007730693
Salmon fillets in own juice 170 g
Code: U261126
Barcode: 4751007734004
Salmon in oil 120 g
Code: U51E224
Barcode: 4751017402825
Salmon in oil with lemon 120 g
Code: U51E225
Barcode: 4751017402849
Salmon in mustard sauce 120 g
Code: U51E226
Barcode: 4751017404164
Salmon in tomato sauce 120 g
Code: U51E227
Barcode: 4751017404157
Salmon in brine 120 g
Code: U51E228
Barcode: 4751017402924
Salmon in Teriyaki sauce 120 g
Code: U51E229
Barcode: 4751017404270
Salmon salad italian style, 240 g EO
Code: U26033N
Barcode: 4750300001929
Salmon salad mexican style, 240 g EO
Code: U26033P
Barcode: 4750300001936
Salmon with dried tomatoes, 110 g
Code: U260P3S
Barcode: 5901069001296
Salmon with lemon pepper, 110 g
Code: U260P3U
Barcode: 5901069001289
Royal salmon, 110 g
Code: U260P3T
Barcode: 5901069001265
Salmon fillets in spices cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N12
Barcode: 4751007732840
Salmon fillets in tomato cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N13
Barcode: 4751007732833
Salmon fillets in mustard cream, 170 g EO
Code: V260N14
Barcode: 4751007732864
Salmon salad  MEXICAN, 220 g
Code: U263J3R
Barcode: 4751007732994