no image
Trevally, kg
Code: U51A65X
Barcode: 23567009
no image
Red Scorpion Fish, 800g
Code: U51A664
Barcode: 23567012
no image
Oilfish, 10kg
Code: U51A665
Barcode: 23567013
no image
Black tiger Shrimps
Code: U52S208
Barcode: 2354860
no image
Mahi Mahi, fillet
Code: U52S20J
Barcode: 2354867
Farmed Seabream 1000-1500
Code: U52S20P
Barcode: 2569965
no image
European sole, 600-800g, kg
Code: U52S250
Barcode: 23545809
no image
Raywings, skin on, 500-1000 g, ~5kg
Code: U52S259
Barcode: 23566929
no image
Thunnus albacares, 28+kg
Code: U52S278
Barcode: 23563506
no image
Seriola quinqueradiata,~9kg
Code: U52S279
Barcode: 23556306
no image
Pagrus Major
Code: U52S27A
Barcode: 23556306
no image
Bluefin tuna, 28+kg
Code: U52S27E
no image
Herring, ~11 kg
Code: U52S27L
Barcode: 23566934
no image
White bass whole round, 500-950 g
Code: U52S27S
Barcode: 23566715
no image
Nursehound shark 2 - 3 kg
Code: U52S27T
Barcode: 23556310
no image
Maldives Exclusive Rainbow Runner 4-6,5 kg
Code: U52S27V
Barcode: 23556353
no image
Corvina, 2 - 4 kg
Code: U52S2A6
Barcode: 23556692
no image
Silver Scabbardfish. whole, 2kg+
Code: V50JLCP
Barcode: 235821
no image
Haddock with head, kg
Code: V52S29A
Barcode: 2385489
no image
Bluefin tuna Sashimi fillet, 2-6kg
Code: V52S29G
Barcode: 2361428
no image
Halibut White with head, kg
Code: V52S27F
Barcode: 23548993
no image
Red fish fillet, skin on, kg
Code: V50JL9Y
Barcode: 221206
no image
Scottish salmon, gutted (red label), 4-5 kg
Code: V50JL2W
Barcode: 23551303
no image
Halibut White cuts, kg
Code: V9Z118F
Barcode: 221275
no image
Great redfish, uncut, 700g-1,5 kg, ~ 3 kg
Code: U52S27K
Barcode: 23028556
no image
Yellowfin tuna Sashimi fillet, 2-4.5kg
Code: U52S27H
Barcode: 23566944
no image
California seriol
Code: U52S26E
Barcode: 23566945
no image
Black Cod, 1.8-2.7 kg
Code: U52S26J
Barcode: 23566968
no image
John Dory, scorpion, with head, kg
Code: V50JLC3
Barcode: 221254
no image
Emperor, kg
Code: U51A64X
Barcode: 23566980
no image
Red snapper, kg
Code: U51A64T
Barcode: 23566976
no image
Emperor snapper, kg
Code: U51A65C
Barcode: 23566985
no image
Green job fish, kg
Code: U51A64V
Barcode: 23566978
no image
Humpback snapper, kg
Code: U51A64U
Barcode: 23566977
no image
Mahi Mahi, kg
Code: U51A64Y
Barcode: 23566981
no image
Grouper, kg
Code: U51A658
Barcode: 23566982