Refrigerated Pina Colada puree, 1 kg
Code: U51168Y
Barcode: 3228170022623
no image
Corn on cobs, 2 pcs.
Code: U9NC6X7
Barcode: 8718836082245
no image
Boiled chickpeas, 400 g
Code: V330215
Barcode: 4779023972361
Mix of microgreens for meat dishes, 20 vnt
Code: V33220A
Barcode: 4779049051064
Mix of microgreens, 20 vnt
Code: V33220C
Barcode: 4779049051057
Pea shoots, plucked, 100 g
Code: V33220E
Barcode: 4779049050531
no image
Shiso purple, pcs.
Code: V332277
Barcode: 1054
no image
Plantans, I, kg
Code: V33227A
Barcode: 1076
no image
Purple radish sprouts, 120 g
Code: V33229D
Barcode: 4779046871153
Pea sprouts, 100 g
Code: V33229F
Barcode: 4779046871030
no image
Leek sprouts, 80 g
Code: V33229G
Barcode: 4779046871108
Sprouted ray beans, 150 g
Code: V33229J
Barcode: 4779046871016
Borage cress, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229K
Barcode: 4779049051088
no image
Lucerne Sprouts, 100 g
Code: V33229O
Barcode: 4779046871122
no image
Pink radish sprouts, 120 g
Code: V3322F1
Barcode: 4779046871160
no image
Salad mix FAMILY, 150 g
Code: V50416A
Barcode: 220591
no image
Red onions, cutted, 250 g
Code: V504171
Barcode: 4779027041117
no image
Salad mix FITNESS, 120 g
Code: V504172
Barcode: 4779027040905
no image
Salad mix GURMASS, 150 g
Code: V504173
Barcode: 4779027041063
no image
Red cutted cabbage, 1 kg
Code: V504174
Salad mini romaine, 2 pcs
Code: V504179
Barcode: 2090000396935
Zeppelin dough, 1 kg
Code: V50E1C3
Barcode: 4770369212388
Grated potatoes in bucket, 900 g
Code: V50E1C5
Barcode: 4770369390918
no image
Raspberries, I class,  kg
Code: V9MC5A3
Barcode: 221237
no image
Packed sauerkrauts, in vacuum, 1 kg
Code: V9NC591
Barcode: 4771535072102
no image
Grated potatoes, 5kg, KVU
Code: V9NC593
Barcode: 4771535072508
no image
Onions, pickled, 300 g
Code: V9NC610
Barcode: 2090000536065
no image
Boiled small potatoes, kg
Code: V9NC6A7
Barcode: 3
Potatoes Jack VAN DEN OORD with seasoning, 420 g
Code: V9NC6KA
Barcode: 8710251462015
Potatoes Jack VAN DEN OORD BBQ, 420 g
Code: V9NC6KC
Barcode: 8710251472014
Pickled garlic, RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 500 g
Code: V9NC6M1
Barcode: 4771459692738
Pickled cucumbers, vacuum RAUGIAM VISKĄ,  500 g
Code: V9NC6M2
Barcode: 4771459692745
Pickled spicy carrots RAUGIAM VISKĄ,  500 g
Code: V9NC6M4
Barcode: 4771459692776
Pickled carrots RAUGIAM VISKĄ,  500 g
Code: V9NC6N3
Barcode: 4771459692677
Pickled cauliflowers RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 500 g
Code: V9NC6N4
Barcode: 4771459692684
Pickled bean sprouts RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 500 g
Code: V9NC6N5
Barcode: 4771459692691
Pickled spicy vegetables RAUGIAM VISKĄ,  600 g
Code: V9NC6N6
Barcode: 4771459692707
Pickled jalapeno peppers, RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 300 g
Code: V9NC6N7
Barcode: 4771459692714
Pickled asperagous RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 300 g
Code: V9NC6N8
Barcode: 4771459692721
Pickled beetroots salad RAUGIAM VISKĄ, 500 g
Code: V9NC6P1
Barcode: 4771459692783
Pickled squashes, 500 g
Code: V9NC6P3
Barcode: 4771459692882