Refrigerated Pina Colada puree, 1 kg
Code: U51168Y
Barcode: 3228170022623
no image
Cherry tomatoes, category I, kg
Code: V330173
Barcode: 1085
no image
Potatoes, I class, 10kg
Code: V33019K
Barcode: 4771459065419
no image
Boiled chickpeas, 400 g
Code: V330215
Barcode: 4779023972361
Mix of microgreens for meat dishes, 20 vnt
Code: V33220A
Barcode: 4779049051064
Mix of microgreens, 20 vnt
Code: V33220C
Barcode: 4779049051057
no image
Shiso purple, pcs.
Code: V332277
Barcode: 1054
no image
Asparagus, green, mini, 200 g
Code: V33227T
Barcode: 8717662021183
no image
Purple radish sprouts, 80 g
Code: V33229E
Barcode: 4779038810955
Pea sprouts, 100 g
Code: V33229F
Barcode: 4779046871030
Sprouted ray beans, 150 g
Code: V33229J
Barcode: 4779046871016
Borage cress, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229K
Barcode: 4779049051088
Basil Opal dark, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229L
Barcode: 4779049050975
Basil, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229M
Barcode: 4779049050968
Rucola, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229N
Barcode: 4779049050982
Coriander, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229P
Barcode: 4779049050999
Fennel in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229R
Barcode: 4779049051002
Perilla, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229S
Barcode: 4779049050944
Celery, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229T
Barcode: 4779049051019
Peppergrass, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229U
Barcode: 4779049051026
Red radish sprouts, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229W
Barcode: 4779049050951
Pea sproits, in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229X
Barcode: 4779049051040
Rumex sprouts in a pot, 100 g
Code: V33229Y
Barcode: 4779049051033
no image
Pumpkins, Hokaido, kg
Code: V3326JK
Barcode: 281
no image
Salad mix FAMILY, 150 g
Code: V50416A
Barcode: 4779027040899
no image
Red onions, cutted, 250 g
Code: V504171
Barcode: 4779027041117
no image
Salad mix FITNESS, 120 g
Code: V504172
Barcode: 4779027040905
no image
Salad mix GURMASS, 150 g
Code: V504173
Barcode: 4779027041063
no image
Red cutted cabbage, 1 kg
Code: V504174
no image
Lettuce Rucola, 200 g
Code: V504175
Barcode: 4779027040790
no image
Small spinach , 200 g
Code: V504176
Barcode: 4779027040783
no image
Lamb's lettuce, 100 g
Code: V504178
Barcode: 4779027040813
Zeppelin dough, 1 kg
Code: V50E1C3
Barcode: 4770369212388
Grated potatoes in bucket, 900 g
Code: V50E1C5
Barcode: 4770369390918
no image
Onions, 60-80 mm, 10 kg
Code: V9MC58V
Barcode: 2202380100000
no image
Ecological beets, 500 g, LT-EKO-001
Code: V9MC59X
Barcode: 301284
no image
Red currant, I class, kg
Code: V9MC5A4
Barcode: 220085
no image
Organic carrots, packed, LT-EKO-0001, 1 kg
Code: V9MC5E2
Barcode: 4771085203865
no image
Organic potatoes, LT-EKO-0001, 1 kg
Code: V9MC5E3
Barcode: 4771085203858
Organic onions, packed, LT-EKO-0001, 500 g
Code: V9MC5E4
Barcode: 4771085203889
Quinine, kg
Code: V9NC565
Barcode: 207
no image
Packed sauerkrauts, in vacuum, 1 kg
Code: V9NC591
Barcode: 4771535072102
no image
Grated potatoes, 5kg, KVU
Code: V9NC593
Barcode: 4771535072508
no image
Onions, pickled, 300 g
Code: V9NC610
Barcode: 4771535000112
no image
Apples PINK LADY, 6 vnt
Code: V9NC691
Barcode: 3700476611416
no image
Boiled small potatoes, kg
Code: V9NC6A7
Barcode: 3