Collection of Italian products, 110 g
Code: U50FVA0
Barcode: 8005573008400
Cured pork bacon VERONI Pancetta, slices, 110 g
Code: U51JA2W
Barcode: 8005573008394
Dried sausage VERONI Spianata Romana, slices, 70g
Code: U51JA2X
Barcode: 8005573008363
Dried pork saliami VERONI Napoli, slices, 70g
Code: U51JA2Y
Barcode: 8005573008356
Cured pork ham FIORUCCI, Parma slices, I r., 70g
Code: U51JZ4M
Barcode: 8007975011736
Cured  saliami sausage FIORUCCI,slices, type I 100g
Code: U51JZ4W
Barcode: 8007975022381
Poultry Kabanos Exclusive Easy With Pork 95g
Code: U53001V
Barcode: 5908230524592
Exclusive Easy Kabanos Sausage, 95g
Code: U53001W
Barcode: 5908230524585
Sausages SNACK IT Kabanos Original Vegetable, 90 g
Code: U530021
Barcode: 5908230528460
Sausages SNACK IT Kabanos Piri-Piri Vegetable, 90 g
Code: U530022
Barcode: 5908230529894
Sausage TARCZYNSKI KABANOS , with pork, IIr., 440g
Code: U53002M
Barcode: 5908230532849
Bacon Lard AGRO-TOP, 200 g
Code: U5A009A
Barcode: 5902814602041
Staropolski lard with scratchings AGRO-TOP, 200 g
Code: U5A009C
Barcode: 5902814602591
Pork lard AGRO-TOP, 250 g
Code: U5A009F
Barcode: 5902814602010
Pork lard AGRO-TOP, 5kg
Code: U5A009H
Barcode: 5902814602065
Spanish sausage TELLO Pepperoni, sliced, 1 kg
Code: UA14H10
Barcode: 8414881150662
Grilled chicken sausages CLASSIC, a.r. 495g
Code: V2340A0
Barcode: 4770513124635