Chicken burger MORLINY, 250 g
Code: U51943X
Barcode: 5900751012794
no image
Duck confit ROUGIE, in can, 4 - 5 pcs, 1,35 kg
Code: U51U1CN
Barcode: 3161450181484
Boiled sausages MEICA Trueman's, in a jar, 350 g
Code: U5314Z1
Barcode: 4000503122403
Cold-smoked pork back ROKISKIO, a.r., ~400g
Code: V50A2M2
Barcode: 24985684
Boiled sausage Panerio, 250 g
Code: V50A71W
Barcode: 4770081172120
Cured beef DORA, a.r. ~500 g
Code: V50AC80
Barcode: 2595659
Dried pork sticks  KUBIETISKOS, 200 g
Code: V50C27U
Barcode: 4770480163149
Boiled sausauges ROKISKIO MESINE Skanutes, 260 g
Code: V51K53Y
Barcode: 4770985000147
Dried sausage ROKIŠKIO MEAT Meat barn, I r., 260 g
Code: V51K54H
Barcode: 4770985000345
Spanish dried sausage, CAMPOFRIO Tapas fuet, 170 g
Code: U2601RM
Barcode: 8410320001465
Hot smoked paultry sausages YANO, ~1 kg
Code: U50917P
Barcode: 2903620
Chicken in jelly, ~1,15 kg
Code: U50L117
Barcode: 2940107
Chicken kebab, I class, 400g
Code: U519420
Barcode: 5902461007886
Gasconee speciality terrine, with duck liver, 1 kg
Code: U51U1CS
Barcode: 3104541039790
Boiled sausages MEICA Bockwurst, in a jar, 180 g
Code: U5314Z2
Barcode: 4000503120102
Cooked pork pate 0,3 kg
Code: V50914C
Barcode: 4770952441157
Turkey sausage HOT DOG, 1 kg
Code: V509P4L
Barcode: 5901869012799
Pork grill sausages Italiskos, 500 g
Code: V50A9C0
Barcode: 4770609162589
Cured beef DORA Tradicine, a.r., 40 g
Code: V50AC8M
Barcode: 4779027970059
Dried sausages BERNU, 200 g
Code: V50C96T
Barcode: 4770081165542
Dried TORRIDO sausages, 50  g
Code: V50H54H
Barcode: 4770959441006
Dried pork sausage chips TORRIDO, ~200 g
Code: V50H54M
Barcode: 24959218
Dried pork sausages AOSTE Classic Sticks, 500g
Code: U045K1P
Barcode: 3449854454008
Hot-smoked bacon, sliced, 1kg
Code: U2601P3
Barcode: 5900244020572
Tapas Mixxed slice CAMPOFRIO, I r., 120g
Code: U2601R4
Barcode: 8410320162982
Dried ham NAVIDUL, Jamon Serrano, ~750 g
Code: U2601RC
Barcode: 29276110
Dried pork neck Capocollo, sliced, 80 g
Code: U5090A5
Barcode: 8020263002186
Hot smoked sausage POPULIARIOJI, ~750 g
Code: U50917U
Barcode: 2574040
Boiled and smoked chicken quarters, ~300 g
Code: U509195
Barcode: 2504790002964
Pork lard, melted,  250 g
Code: U5091KY
Barcode: 5900562072918
Chicken prime wings, in blueberry marinate, 500g
Code: V509J08
Barcode: 4770513120002
Scald pate GIMINIU, 12  g
Code: V50A696
Barcode: 4770081163142
Dried sausage BERNU, 9  g
Code: V50A7R8
Barcode: 4770081164361
Cooked roll UZKANDINIS, extra, ~1,3 kg
Code: V50C97A
Barcode: 2553728
Cooked Utenos sausage Daktariska ,  600g
Code: V50HA17
Barcode: 4770118412632