Dried sausage BERNU, 9  g
Code: V50A7R8
Barcode: 4770081164361
Cooked roll UZKANDINIS, extra, ~1,3 kg
Code: V50C97A
Barcode: 2553728
Cooked Utenos sausage Daktariska ,  600g
Code: V50HA17
Barcode: 4770118412632
Dried pork sausages AOSTE bites Classic , 500g
Code: U045K1R
Barcode: 3449860419251
Dried pork salami SPIANATA, sliced, 80 g
Code: U5090A6
Barcode: 8020263002636
Smoked pork flank  RAGNOS, ~2,5 kg
Code: U509196
Barcode: 2597431
Hot-smoked chicken breast RAGNOS, ~400 g
Code: U509199
Barcode: 2598734
Dried loin  LOMO EMBUCHADO, extra, 100 g
Code: U5091JC
Barcode: 8410764074216
Dried ham SERRANO, Vivas Las Tapas, 80g
Code: U5091K0
Barcode: 8410764015981
Pate Vaikams, 15  g
Code: V50A699
Barcode: 4770081165429
Boiled mini sausages GIMINIU, 26  g
Code: V50A70P
Barcode: 4770081165085
Cooked sausage GIMINIU Daktariska, extra class, 6   g
Code: V50A71L
Barcode: 4770118410171
Dryed pork sticks CLASSIC, 75 g
Code: V50ALK0
Barcode: 4770919162040
Dried sausages JUBILIEJAUS, 200 g
Code: V50C96S
Barcode: 4770081165566
Torrido Beef Chips, ~200 g
Code: V50H53N
Barcode: 24959310
Dried pork sausages AOSTE bites Spicy, 500g
Code: U045K1S
Barcode: 3449860419275
Dried pork neck CAPOCOLLO, mild, ~750 g
Code: U5090AK
Barcode: 2316660
Smoked ribs, ~2 kg
Code: U509198
Barcode: 2563020
Cured pork collection TRIO Espanol, extra, 150 g
Code: U5091JJ
Barcode: 8410764071536
Dried ham JAMON SERANNO, extra, 300 g
Code: U5091JR
Barcode: 8410764010702
Duck terrine provencal style, glass jar, 18  g
Code: U51U1CW
Barcode: 3161450043027
Boiled sausages MEICA Bratmaxe,  313 g
Code: U5314Z0
Barcode: 4000503180007
Fried cutlet POZARSKIO, 350 g
Code: V50914F
Barcode: 4770952441706
Cooked sausage GIMINIU Daktariska, with fat, 6   g
Code: V50A71M
Barcode: 4770118410188
Breakfast pate, 150 g
Code: V50A994
Barcode: 4770609026058
Dried beef sausages DORA Mini, a.r., 200 g
Code: V50AC8V
Barcode: 4779027971476
Marinated TALLEGG grill seasoned halfwings, 1 kg
Code: V50C7L6
Barcode: 4740046011900
Dried chopped ham beef sausage, 200 g
Code: V50C96W
Barcode: 4770081166914
Cooked-smoked turkey breast fillet, 120 g
Code: V51985K
Barcode: 4779022430084
Pork sausages with curry SUKA MALA, ~500 g
Code: V763001
Barcode: 23287711
Dried salami SPIANATA, mild, ~850 g
Code: U5090AH
Barcode: 2316580
Cured ham PARMA PDO, in slices calibrated, 80 g
Code: U5090AM
Barcode: 8005573000770
Hot smoked VALSTIECIU shoulder, ~2,5 kg
Code: U5091A5
Barcode: 2561460
Boiled ham York Sandwich, Spanish, formed,  4 kg
Code: U5091ZH
Barcode: 8410764021708
Beef liver pate, 200 g
Code: U509A05
Barcode: 4740574090101