Meatballs with onions, 600g
Code: V51K57Q
Barcode: 5900331205431
Cutlets with goose meat, 600g
Code: V51K57W
Barcode: 5900331205455
Meatballs with mushrooms, 600g
Code: V51K57Y
Barcode: 5900331205417
Baked medallions, gourmet, 375  g
Code: V51K581
Barcode: 5900331205202
Kepti medalionai su grybais, 375 g
Code: V51K582
Barcode: 5900331205240
Baked medallions with cheese, 375g
Code: V51K583
Barcode: 5900331205226
Turkey meat balls, 1 kg
Code: U50917C
Barcode: 5903834001579
Fried chicken breast MORLINY in breadcrumbs, 1 kg
Code: U519438
Barcode: 5902461005820
Breaded Chicken Inner Fille, 350g
Code: U50911R
Barcode: 5902461005967
Chicken burger MORLINY, 250 g
Code: U51943X
Barcode: 5900751012794
Chicken kebab, I class, 400g
Code: U519420
Barcode: 5902461007886
Fried cutlet POZARSKIO, 350 g
Code: V50914F
Barcode: 4770952441706
Fried chicken rolls, 500 g
Code: V509115
Barcode: 4770952440532
Fried chicken fillet nuggets KLAIPEDA FOOD, 300 g
Code: V519523
Barcode: 4770952441997
Balls fried CHICKEN ~2 kg
Code: V50C78H
Barcode: 23003610
Balls fried CHICKEN with chees ~2 kg
Code: V50C78J
Barcode: 23043333
Cutlet with mushrooms, 590 g
Code: V509P8H
Barcode: 5900331201341