Dried beef CHEF THE VIKING, ~ 100g
Code: V509J68
Barcode: 23028304
Dried pork DORA, a.r., 100 g
Code: V50AC8T
Barcode: 4779027971346
Dried beef bar THE MEAT MAKERS Cayenne Pepper, 50 g
Code: V50AC90
Barcode: 4779027970769
Dried chicken fillet strips TALLEGG, 80 g
Code: V50H562
Barcode: 4740046001352
Dried pork loin ROKISKIO MESINE, ~300 g
Code: V51KF74
Barcode: 2528467
Dried beef JACK LINK'S Jerky Original, 25 g
Code: U5090C5
Barcode: 4251097402888
Beef Jerky  JACK LINK'S Sweet & Hot, 25 g
Code: U5090C6
Barcode: 4251097402918
Dried pork loin strips, ~ 300 g
Code: V51K54T
Barcode: 23026026
Beef Jerky  JACK LINK'S Teriyaki, 25 g
Code: U5090C7
Barcode: 4251097402970
Cured beef DORA, a.r. ~500 g
Code: V50AC80
Barcode: 2595659
Cured beef DORA Tradicine, a.r., 40 g
Code: V50AC8M
Barcode: 4779027970059
Dried pork sausage chips TORRIDO, ~200 g
Code: V50H54M
Barcode: 24959218
Dryed pork sticks CLASSIC, 75 g
Code: V50ALK0
Barcode: 4770919162040
Torrido Beef Chips, ~200 g
Code: V50H53N
Barcode: 24959310
Dried ham JUBILIEJAUS, sliced, 7  g
Code: V50A7R3
Barcode: 4770118402725