Grilled chicken sausages CLASSIC, a.r. 495g
Code: V2340A0
Barcode: 4770513124635
Boston pork steak RAKVERE Taste of America, 500g
Code: V519532
Barcode: 4740003013237
Chicken midwings Buffalo marinade ~3kg MAP
Code: V51962L
Barcode: 2500704
Slow cooked plucked beef BIOVELA,  700 g
Code: V519C1Y
Barcode: 4770081174377
Chicken shashlik, in pepper marinade, 750g
Code: V519N2R
Barcode: 4770513126608
no image
Pork ribs BBQ, Sous Vide, vacuum, ~590 g
Code: U519430
Barcode: 2091176
Pork grill sausages Italiskos, 500 g
Code: V50A9C0
Barcode: 4770609162589
Chicken prime wings, in blueberry marinate, 500g
Code: V509J08
Barcode: 4770513120002
Marinated TALLEGG grill seasoned halfwings, 1 kg
Code: V50C7L6
Barcode: 4740046011900
Pork sausages with curry SUKA MALA, ~500 g
Code: V763001
Barcode: 23287711
Chilled neck shashlik SAMSONAS, dry marinated, 800g
Code: V50E11M
Barcode: 4770369390956