Poultry Kabanos Exclusive Easy With Pork 95g
Code: U53001V
Barcode: 5908230524592
Exclusive Easy Kabanos Sausage, 95g
Code: U53001W
Barcode: 5908230524585
Sausage TARCZYNSKI KABANOS , with pork, IIr., 440g
Code: U53002M
Barcode: 5908230532849
Hot smoked sausages MEDZIOTOJU, a.r., 600 g
Code: V50A2MF
Barcode: 4770985002523
Slightly smoked hunters sausages, 500 g
Code: V50C33C
Barcode: 4770645036592
Hot smoked KABANOSY sausages, 500 g
Code: V51KF5L
Barcode: 4770609171093
Kabanos TARCZYNSKI sausages, with beef, 90 g
Code: U53001R
Barcode: 5908230513398
Dried sausage Kabanos, Exclusive go, II r., 50 g
Code: U53001K
Barcode: 5908230514357
Hot-smoked sausage Medziotoju, extra class, 260g
Code: V50A2LZ
Barcode: 4770985001717
Hot smoked sausages Giminiu, 8  g
Code: V50HA15
Barcode: 4770118410140
Hot smoked sausages "Medziotoju"
Code: V50A74F
Barcode: 2554470
Smoked sausages MEDZIOTOJU, gas, 0,6 kg ,pcs.
Code: V50A94J
Barcode: 4770609162206
Hot smoked ISKYLAUTOJU sausages, 2 class, 735 g
Code: U51943E
Barcode: 5902160654251
Sausages h.s. MĖGĖJŲ, 1 kg
Code: V50C78T
Barcode: 4770952441409