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Mushroom Tortelloni, 250g
Code: U25014S
Barcode: 8006515610194
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Ricotta and Basil Tortelloni, 250g
Code: U25014T
Barcode: 8007303014156
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Bulgur salad with cranberries and hazelnuts, 200g
Code: U9H12Z1
Barcode: 3281780893151
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Salad with couscous, vegetables and chickpeas, 200g
Code: U9H12Z4
Barcode: 3281780896343
Hamburger with chicken, 195 g
Code: V44TE12
Barcode: 4771069191669
Sandwich BIG SUBMARINAS with ham and cheese, 255g
Code: V519AH4
Barcode: 4779031273542
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Fresh pasta Lasagne, 1 kg (M)
Code: U250140
Barcode: 8007303009213
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Fresh pasta Lasagne, 250 g
Code: U250141
Barcode: 8007303009206
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Fresh pasta Linguine, 300 g (M)
Code: U250145
Barcode: 8007303009015
SUBMARINE with turkey and vegetables, 285 g
Code: V44TE51
Barcode: 4771069191157
SUBMARINE with ham and vegetables, 290 g
Code: V44TE53
Barcode: 4771069191034
SUBMARINE with chicken and vegetables, 285  g
Code: V44TE52
Barcode: 4771069191140
Sandwich SOFT BREAD, with salmon ans egg, 165g
Code: V44291X
Barcode: 4779031276970
no image
Fresh pasta Spaghetti, 300 g (M)
Code: U250142
Barcode: 8007303004997
no image
Fresh pasta Tagliatelle, 300 g (M)
Code: U250146
Barcode: 8007303009022
no image
Tortelloni with smoked ham, 250 g
Code: U25014N
Barcode: 8007303014149